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Well, not really. I used to have an account here about 10 years ago but I've long forgotten the login info. So hi, I'm Kelsie. 27, married, mother of 2. I walked away from my pagan calling after my then fiance (now husband) expressed wariness of it. Now, a few years later, I realized I can't ignore the calling anymore. I've been miserable and have lost the inner peace and contentment I had before. So after discussing it with my husband, he's now more comfortable with allowing me to be myself, so now I'm looking for some information. Ever since I was a baby, I've seen faeries in my dreams. They're always consistently the same beings, and I knew about them long before I knew what they were. So does anyone have any info on the far, what it means for them to be in my dreamscape, and maybe if it's pointing to a path I'm supposed to follow? I'm very new to all of this again and need all the guidance I can get. Thank you in advance :)

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Ugh, typo...I mean the fae, not the far. Sorry.

All/most of the groups are inactive, but the info should still be available to the public.  Try going to the groups and using the search engine.  Type in faerie in all its variations.  And use the dreamscape groups.  Again, all the info is public. 

Here is some old paganspace links on faeries.

There's also books on amazon on faerie Wicca. 

If you google search "faerie Wicca" you'll find a lot of search results.  So, if you need guidance on where to start.  Start with Google or Amazon. 

Thank you. That's sad that most are inactive...this place used to be incredible, I really missed it. Made lifelong friends on here back then and learned a lot. :(
Thank you for your help.

You're welcome.  Yeah, I remember when SIN and palvor were on, on a very regular basis.

I still remember when I was new to paganspace.  I made a brand new post and it got pushed all the way back to like page 8 in less than a second. 

There would be over hundreds of people on no matter what time of day it was, even weekends and holidays.  We even had some big names here like Christian Day who does the Salem festival. Or when the author of Chaos Magick, A. Vitimus was here.  I remember bands being here. Or how active all the groups were.  Where the groups were the best places to be.  You could meet so many cool people that way.  And it was the only way people would see anything you have to say. lol.  

For sure, I remember having a similar experience. I guess Facebook came around and changed everything :(

Oh yes, I hear that facebook is far more popular if you want to chat with other Wiccans. 

Also if it's just new people you're interested in chatting with. You could go to twitter and use #Wicca to meet new people.  Or go to tumblr and do the same thing.  So if it's meeting new people there are ways you could meet multiple people to chat with and learn from. 

So I hope you don't feel discouraged if making Wicca friends is what you're after or finding people who'll give you lots of information.  Or you could do like everybody else and use facebook, but I could see why you wouldn't want to. If you use your real name on facebook and are at a risk of being fired.  Tumblr and twitter will respect your anonymity. 

I'm a stay at home mom so it's not an anonymity thing...the thing is that I already tried Facebook. I joined a couple of groups and was immediately told to do my own research because none of them wanted to deal with a "newbie", I got no answers on any of my questions and felt out of place. The only place I ever learned and felt welcomed was here. And already, I've received helpful replies. :)

Well, you could find your answers through a google search engine or maybe one of these books.

Complete Book of Witchcraft is highly popular and the most recommended book that I've ever seen.  And there are websites full of friendly helpful people like

It also has an activity problem.  But the people are friendly and helpful and you should find answers to your questions.  Or you could search through the groups to see if your questions have already been answered.  Also, as Shawn Blackwolf has pointed out.  He's here if you need him and having 23 years in the Faery tradition. He's willing to help you out :) 

Also, I hope you find this very helpful. It's the paganspace search results for "Fae."

And there might be something useful somewhere in here.

Thank you. I could have just googled, but I like to learn from experienced people and you never know what's false and full of falsities on the internet. Thank you for everything

I did use the edit button, so I'm not sure if you saw it. 

But here again is the paganspace search results.

And there might be something useful somewhere in here.

And you're very welcome.  I hope the paganspace search results has the answers you're looking for :) 

Definitely already more helpful and friendlier than the groups I joined on Facebook. I know I've said it before but thank you again, so much. I'll get in contact with Shawn Blackwolf, he seems to be the very person I need to go to. :)

You're very welcome. I'm glad I could be of help :) 


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