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 Anyone know where I can find holly? I know its way far in advance, but I have been searching for holly to use for Yule for the past two years with no success. I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a good online source. I live in Florida so it doesn't grow wild here. Any good substitution's? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks so much.

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There's three holly trees in my garden...which probably isn't any use to you; just sayin' :)


Try here:



 Well shut my mouth. I always thought holly was for colder climates. Too bad I live in an apartment. My landlord is tolerating my porch garden as it is. Thank you for the link.
You should have a floral supply shop, or even a florist somewhere near you. As it gets closer to the holiday check with them. They generally have holly branches for decorating. Good luck!
Last year we checked the local flower shops and they didn't have any. I think we waited too long to ask. I'll have to learn to check earlier.
A floral supply shop is where florists get their stuff so they might still carry it.

You may want to join the Holly society of America.


They'll fix you up. You could also try a garden center. Often they will have seasonal display plants that can be transplanted.


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