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Hey guys, I have always wanted to add colored incense base-powders to my personal Magickal repertoire! I see such incense being sold at Witch-owned stores quite frequently, yet it is treated almost like a safe-guarded "trade secret"! Be that as it may, it seems like making colored incense was popular throughout the psychedelic period, unless I am mistaken (which, lets face it, is always likely! LOL!). Moreover, of those very few store owners that I have been able to speak intellectually with, they were kind enough to tell me that they simply buy their colored base powders from a Botanica, or a commercial producer, such as Indio Products. Yet, I know that other store owners make their own...which is an art that I am steadfast about learning! :o) Some of it is obvious: a powdered wood-base is required (Herman Slater recounted that these colored incenses were routinely made using bamboo wood powder, but I have found no supplier for that, and either red and white powdered sandalwood have such specific meanings to me); then there's the addition of salt peter (so it'll burn, of course); and the mysterious pigment that won't gum everything up and give a chemical-like smell to the product when burned. Heck, how would one get colors such as black and white, 'eh? And, what brand of colors might one use in such a feat?

Anyway, I just thought I'd ask, here, to see if anyone might offer any friendly suggestions... Beaucoup brownie points if you actually know how to make colored incense base-powders from scratch! :o)

Take Care,

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Do you mean an incense that gives off a colored smoke??? That would be AWESOME!
Nope, I meant an incense that comes in a powdered form, and the powder itself is highly colored.
Try saw dust. Bamboo is expensive. If the saw dust isnt fine enough for you put it in a food processor..if you want color use food coloring and make sure you let it dry before mixing it. This is how I plan on making my own loose incense. If you have a binding agent to make cones let me know what that is, I'm new to making incense.


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