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A buddy of mine who's on vacation in a federal getaway retreat has sent me a recipe for hot dog wine. You need orange juice, apple juice, cooking oil, hot dogs and sterno liquid fire. you place all of these items in a plastic bag for 6 weeks and then the fun begins. after the 6 weeks the bag should be fully expanded and there should be a pungent odor of hot dogs. then serve into paper mouth wash cup. do not exceed 4 cups my friend says for it may result in temporary blindness. The smell of hot dogs mask the smell of a traditional pruno. so as the "care takers" arent to get wise and take your hooch away. Next week he is going to send me a way to make A 20 pd bow and arrow out of newspaper, spoons, and guitar strings.

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sad lonely but some good memorrys lmao



Well I hope you'll share the how to of the bow and arrow! Hahaha!

And that is the nastiest looking stuff I think I may have ever seen!

its nasty but it does the job lol



Dear gods that is vile.



So how did he get the pictures out?
Looks like a cell phone pic.  Prisoner aren't supposed to have cell phones. So the real question is who used thier prison pocket !

I've heard on hot dog soup...more like cholesterol in a cup, but hot dog wine, you got to be kidding me, ugh!

Though can't wait to see how that bow is made... I saw a crossbow made entirely from rolled and twisted was on an episode of Mythbusters and they got it from a rumor that one was made in prison and it worked.


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