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I have a friend whos girlfriend refuses to perform in bed. He has a strong sex drive. Any answes...can u help


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Juju does not equal superstition. It is coloquial slang where I'm from and often refers to voodoo, santeria, and any other kind of "magic" specifically the dubious or unpleasant kind.


In my above statement, the term refers specifically to a negative sexual experience of the unimaginably bad kind (to use simple words) that has left a lingering trauma, much as bad juju can leave a lingering effect that draws more bad things to you unless dealt with.


As Skully points out below, the point is that our OP doesn't need to get involved in someone elses relationship, especially where it involves matters of sex, as that is specifically overstepping her pervue. If the schmuck in the relationship wants to summon demons and enslave spirits, then he needs to be the one to ask for the help, not her. It just sounds to me like he's making excuses not to face his obligations and responsabilities to himself, his partner, and by dragging the OP in, her as well.


So, while I have no problem with some lame duck summoning demons and getting himself killed for his folly because he's trying to find a "softer way" to do things (Darwin Rules), I do not like the idea of him suckering someone else into doing it for him, when she doesn't know what she's doing.

wow.. my BS alarm is sounding..


when I say this, its with concern for you.


Your friend, isn't your friend.  he is feeding you a line in order for you to feel sorry for him so he can have an affair with you.    And deep down, you know its the total truth.


No way a man says celibate with a girlfriend-only for 10 years.  (very very rare)

Doesn't matter, you cannot summon a succubus for some one else anyways...


Cross intentions deflect. It is a connection that is deeper than that.


Oh :) for sure

Not really, If you scar someone bad enough physiologically and physically you can make them belive in anything. Soften the mind and body and you can plant whatever seeds you want in there memory, Michael Aquino anyone? lol




10 years.YUP,that was a dead give away......
10 years? Dead? - Yes, that is a distinct possibility!
I used to be so obsessed with succubi and Lillith.
If you come to Nevada you can rent one!!
I luv my succubus :)
DID you summon yours or did someone else do it for you? I find this whole request a bit odd and the fact that the OP has NOT answered any questions anyone has asked her,even a bit weirder,dont you? Though it is a choice we each can decide and I'm happy for you,the fact that someone is this involved in anothers life and is telling us jack shit,simply would make me wonder why? I'm fine with giving out magical advice and experiences too,but I like to find out a few things first......?

Her message was a year old :) she might have left this community a while back :) I am to blame for popping it up

regarding the first part of what you wrote:

I find my succubus is a reflection of my self, yet separate. I don't think some else would summon the correct one for me. 


I never say something is impossible... But thinking some one can summon a succubus to you is a weird concept once you get to know these friends :)


Anyways... when I talk about succubus, it's different from the demonology concept (Which I am sorry to say is very superficial).


There is no Assertion in the realms I work in


From what I've asked Nilahny, they have been misunderstood for years.



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