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I always hear people say that a god or goddess spoke to them or told them something. How do they communicate with you? Is it through signs alone, or do you hear their voice in your head or what? I'm not sure what to be looking for.

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Through whispers,
Through dreams,
Through feelings in my very being.

I hear words and see signs. You will recognize a response or attempt at communication when the time comes. 

not me I rather them shut up. They do not do what I want then I do not do what they want. We have that relationship. They just piss me off.

I'm sorry for your experience. Though the Gods are not your servants, and you seem rather childish in your reactions to them. My Goddess doesn't always do what I like (i.e. respond when I call) but I don't throw a hissy fit over it. 

Who said I care if the Gods and Goddesses are servents? My issue is more you seal a person within the mortal shell cut off from their own power and then torment them anyway when they want you to leave them the heck a lone that is there issue. Only reason why I learned what I know is because the other world is annoying as heck. They rather pester me even when I do not wish them to so if we can not have respect then fine. Plus if you do not send a freaken teacher to help a person who is connected to the Gods and Goddesses , but you want to torment them anyway leaving them without knowledge then you are just causing issues that you get back. The Gods and Goddesses are just as responsible for my attitude. I wouldn't have it if they weren't bad parents.

Oh and if they come into my dreams again without my permission I will attack the heck out of them. STAY OUT OF MY DREAMS IT IS MY TIME! Anyone who messes with my dreams will have back lash . My dreams are the only time i can do whatever the heck I want it is my realm.

Are you ok? No, seriously, are you ok? You seriously need to take a chill-pill. You seem to be under the impression that the gods are the reason for your problems. The only one causing or continuing any problems you have, is you. 

how do you know the Gods aren't causing my problems?

Perhaps, did you ever feel that there was part of you. A part that was so expansive and understanding and loving..... outside of your current understanding as an incarnated human, that you would wish to experience a life within a body that would allow you to experience consciousness in a limited fashion to strain your soul to hurriedly learn lessons so to earn the wisdom attached to each and every experience you were put through and expand on your understanding of the concept of love.... the vibration of the God and Goddess so that you may be closer to them?

You may not, but this is how I see it. We are put through exactly what we planned to experience before we incarnated. That being said we are gifted free will of which they do not, almost ever interfere with.

Take owness and the power associated with making your own choices as co-creator and choose to define it as something empowering rather than limiting.

There isn't anything wrong with being angry in general, with anybody, including the Gods, but at some point its important to see that no one is responsible for you perceptions or emotions on any given subject aside from yourself. When you realize this, you can change it, when it no longer serves you positively.


Socrates held that the soul existed before the body and, prior to immersion therein, was endowed with all knowledge; that when the soul entered into the material form it became stupefied, but that by discourses upon sensible objects it was caused to reawaken and to recover its original knowledge.

Some philosophers theorize we are the one's to choose our lives, our parents, etc.  When we die, the gods give us a choice as to which path we wish to go, what lessons we wish to learn, what level of enlightenment should we obtain.  We choose what we want to learn, or awaken to, and that decides the life we will lead.
The gods are our guides to enlightenment.  They do not work for us.  But, if you pay attention, they will be there to guide you.

Through each life, we become closer to full enlightenment and a place among the gods.  

I have a feeling that yours is a young soul, with few lessons learned, and many more to come.

Sometimes I'll kind of hear a voice in my head, like I'm being offered really good advice. How can I be sure it's not just my imagination?

When things like that happen, I go with my gut.  Does my gut say yeah, that's it, or is my mind just saying what it wants to be true?  Gut instinct never lies, but it may take awhile to learn how to differentiate between the two.

Signs.  Mostly.

Voice in my head.  Once.

Actual appearance.  Couple of times.


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