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I always hear people say that a god or goddess spoke to them or told them something. How do they communicate with you? Is it through signs alone, or do you hear their voice in your head or what? I'm not sure what to be looking for.

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Honor the Land Wights and keep the Hearth swept as well...

And a well done blot , now and then does no harm...;)

anishinaabe-bimaadizi gwayako bimaadiziwin ojibwewi Debwewin

What exactly does that mean in Objiwe , Kix ?

That the Creator and Spirits speak to you in Objiwe language ?

Yes they do.
anishinaabe-bimaadizi gwayako bimaadiziwin ojibwewi Debwewin
she lives the Indian way, the right kind of life, she is Ojibwa truth. 

Id say mine are pretty easily seen signs never a voice or presence. My envocations and evocations lack the intention so ive been unsuccesful . But I almost always get my signs in the following of the morrow. And usually its so specific of a sign Im just like ok, yeah Ive been heard!


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