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How Do you tell a loved one that you have passed on without Hurting them?

This question has become important to me recently. As a psychic/witch/sorceress I frequently come in contact with many types of entities . Many of them seem confused when they realize that although they spend hours days years around people the people have no real idea who or what they want. Here are some things that sometimes rattle me and let me know someone dead is in proximity. They may seem simple but they do little harm and paint a clear picture.

Doors acting strange. Locks sticking. Wind blowing them open for no reason

Car engines not starting and then seeming to start by themselves.

Insects buzzing loudly for a few seconds or minutes

Food suddenly turning sour

Lights Flickering

If you want to be gracious to your family and friends please just send them one of these signs and pass by. They will remember you kindly.

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Why not just say, "you're a ghost. Most people can't see you, so, you'll have to try really hard to get their attention. "

They will pass on to the nether world in time, but that is a good question you ask.

They're already dead, so I can't see that being direct and truthful can hurt them any more.

Thank you for this reply I am mean I think that they should be you know happy where they are but a lot of times they seem to really tell me the most obnoxious and like personal stuff about themselves that I do not want.

I mean, it's kinda like dealing with kids. You've gotta be gentle but firm. "No, put the lamp down. Stop messing with my lunch. Don't mess with those bugs." Move on and you can have ice cream. Pretty much every other option is full on exorcism, to the best of my knowledge. 

I don't think you really "hurt" them much either way.

Thanks so much I feel like that about them sometimes but then other times I wish I could employ and demon that would kill them . Lets just say I have done that a couple times. Basically if I cant lay down or eat or go to the bathroom without them I generally call Satan to take care of them. The sad thing is they always seem like surprised when for weeks I will like walk faster and like take different paths home to get away from them. Basically I just don't think they LIKE GET THE POINT when I talk to them sometimes. Like if I am just to tired to channel them and stuff they act really mean and bossy and stuff. But thanks for the reply.

In my way there is a passing ceremony. Usually at the burial, but really can be done any time.
Your not sending them away your pointing out the door.
My sisters mother was a dense women in life and didn't improve much in death. I just point blank told her she was dead and she need to go find her husband and the door is that way. Worked she quit waking me at 3 a.m complaining there was something wrong.

KINDNESS is the best answer. It's totally possible that the ghost doesn't realise it's dead. Sometimes all you need to do is smile and bow slightly to just acknowledge their existence. If they continue to hang around you pay more attention to what their are doing's possible that they need something from you or may be trying to communicate. Always be kind to spirits and ghosts because they may have an evil side. May you have a peaceful Journey ... Mike

I agree with you but after a while a smile doesn't work anymore, I mean I have spirits that have hung around me for over 10 years and they cant seem to get them selfs in a good mood or be productive. I mean it reallybothers me because I am going back to school and trying to financially improve my mood and all they do is seem to act mean and try to kill me. I mean I am a Satanic Witch so it doesn't surprise me. But I thought ghosts and spirits sort of live/lived in a community? why don't they get together and do something productibve with each other? I mean why are they always gravitating to the lowest thoughts in them selves. I mean the ones that I have ( they call themselves PAN all the time) should kind of get more out of life,  Just vwenting my frustration :(


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