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I have been comparing how different authers say that the different element pentacles should be drawn, and I have found that not all agree.

Silver Ravenwolf in Solitary witch give the followering:

Now the air invoking is the same as water banishing, and the air banishing is the same as water invoking: Why? What info am I missing here? Is this right? Eany thoughts?

In The witches Shield, Christopher Penczak give a banishing pentagram thats the same as silvers earth banishing, and an evocation pentagram thats the same as silvers invokation pentagram: This is allmost the same, but in my training, theres a differense between invokation and evokation. Eany thoughts on this detail???

In the spiral dance, Starhawk gives an invokation pentagram thats the same as silvers earth invokation pentagram, and an banishing pentagram thats allso the same as silvers.

But in Reclaiming the Power of The Witch, Monte Plaisance gives a completly different set of element pentacgrams. Do eany of you know them? Use them? Eany thoughts of the differences??

Note that the earth invoking is the same as silvers earth banishing, and the Air banishing is the same as silvers air invoking (and same as silvers water follow :P). But the fire banishing is the same as silvers fire banishing. The spirit invoking is the same as silvers fire invoking, and the spirit banishing, is the same as silvers earth invoking?!

Is it normal that everybody disagree on this matter?????????


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It is normal that people disagree, simply because what works for you may not work for me. I have heard some say air is north, others say earth is north. Does it matter as long as it works for them? I don't think so. Use what makes sense for you, and you'll never go wrong. Nothing is ever set in stone, why do you think humans can change the outcome of events with our mere will? Did the first witches care about which way the invoking/banishing went?

I would follow the Ceremonial tradition - the Pentacles used by the the Grimoires, Hermeticism, the Golden Dawn, Thelema, ect..


Well if you believe in archetypes and Egregores - then you'd appreciate the energy that has been 'stored' in the pentacles after thousands of years of use.

Or you can make your own. When all is said and done it REALLY doesn't matter.

I don't even use Pentacles anymore. I use base vowel sounds (I-A-O-E-U) followed by imagining something, usually the elements, a spiral, an 'archangel' or whatever might be relevant to the working.

Just remember to have fun with it -
The five corners of the pentacles are assigned to the different elementals. I draw them the same way Silver does (Though I didn't learn it from her). The invoking starts from the point opposite the element and draws towards it, the banishing starts at the point and draws away from it. This does cause some overlap in the different pentacles, but the process of drawing is spiritual and mental as well as physical so while it might look the same you'd be thinking/feeling it differently and getting a different result. It looks like Monte is always starting at the elemental point and drawing deosil for invoking, widdershins for banishing. That's how I used to do it.

I switched after spending some time with the LBRP which draws the earth pentacle in the first manner. Can't really say which I prefer... I'm finding that actually drawing the pentacles doesn't do a whole lot for me anymore and I've started opening the quarters mainly with some gestures from Cunningham's Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. But drawing the pentacles does become second nature after awhile if you do work with them continuously.

I think, as far as the invocation and evocation go, they'd use the same pentagram. The invo/evo pentagram is supposed to draw energy as opposed to the banishing which dismisses energy. The difference between invo/evo mainly seems to be where you are putting that energy.

As people are fond of saying, just use whatever works for you. ;)
Nah, sometimes it's easier to work with what we've already learned then to try something easier. If I were to try using an earth invoking for everything now, I'd probably still react to it in the same fashion as if I were actually invoking earth. I'd have to unlearn the past year or so of practice :(

Plus, I'm a geek so I like complexity.

As you say, of course, it is the intent that counts. In my case, a lot of my intent is informed by my subconscious.


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