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Having spent the last two years travelling and being disconnected from most mod cons- the odd wifi connection, I have resumed everyday life, due to personal financial necessity. Travelling has been wonderful, tromping around Norway, Sweden and Finland. Home with a massive punch to the face!

Feeling conflicted-disenchanted and damn right mean-spirited, with getting back on my own treadmill, add a dash of culture shock and it has resulted in me lacking focus, enthusiasm and just plain being stuck in lethargy.

I guess my question here is, when you really can't focus, how do other people kick back and give themselves love, self care, peace and most importantly motivation?

All ideas, thoughts and tips appreciated.

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Foot tapping.

Thank you Neph, not out of the funk, but that made me smile.

I'm taking the Hello Dolly line literally 'and we won't come home until we've kissed a girl', it is Saturday after all! Work is out at 5pm GMT. Grin.
One is more than enough and I'm not that kind of woman, but I will work on it ;)
Go for a walk with nature drink wine with family and friends. Take a ritual bath whatever makes you feel good can't be all bad.
Trust you! Rioja or Syria?
Yellow Tail Shiraz Australian dedicated to Freya this eve
Thank you Ravenheart, our own limitations and our understanding of them transcends personal limited funk. Accepting this is a new chapter and beginning for me. Blessing to you and yours.

Only One Way Out...Embrace The Funk !

50 Songs To Embrace The Funk !

This, this and this.

And To Ground Onto This Earth With The Mother's Heartbeat

23 Songs To Hear Her Cry

Good music, comfy loose fitting clothing, warm tea, and good company as needed. You'll find solice in something now that you're back home, it just takes some time. I've been in a slump myself. It takes a lot of patience with yourself, but you'll get there.
Best of wishes!
Slump begone!

Finding solace in work, business and family. My mind is constantly wandering, deja vu, flashbacks, daydreaming so I will be working on earthing and grounding over the next few days to get my mojo back.

Warm tea and comfy loose clothing sounds great.

Gardening , hands in earth , tribal dance...

Put your back to an oak and breathe seeing yourself rooted...

Root teas , rather than lightweight "airy ones"...

Foods like beans , heavier grains , meat...

That will help...

Traditional venison ?


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