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I'd like to incorporate prayer beds into my practices,and I'd like to make my own.I thought about buying
some(there are lovely ones on Ebay),but I think making my own would make it alot more personal.And
I want to have one with a charm to represent Bastet,my patron Goddess.I would like to know if anyone on here has made any and if so I need some general guidelines,because I'm not that crafty and I've never done anything like this before.

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There are no standard practices for making Pagan prayer beads. I know of nobody who uses them, I'm sure some do though...

I'd just find some nice sized beads you like and string them up on something durable, like hemp, leaving a little room to slide them around. Pretty easy peasy. Maybe add a tassle on one end (you can find those pre-made), a special pendant or something.

Just do it, if you don't like it you can take it apart and do it over. That's how most people learn craftiness, through play and experimentation, so have at it!

Check out the arts and craft store near you and have a blast! I went today because I was thinking about making a set for meditation and chakra work. I found soo many wonderful pendants that I could've used. Wound up with a three set of an image of the moon, an image of a tree, and an image of the moon over the tree. Perfectly symbolizes my desire to balance the higher and lower chakras.

Most importantly, have fun! XD

There are a few places to start. Do what sounds right for you. Google is your best friend. <3 Have fun. =]
I stole the image of your beads. >_>
Sorry I just cannot resist this answer...

Well first you have to poke holes in the pagans to run the cord through...
LOL. That's the most work. Some of us have thick skin. =P
LOL.....that is totally FUNNY :D
Herne made some prayer beads dedicated to Cernunnos. They are very beautiful. Check out his thread about them, you might be able to get some ideas?


Robert also made a set. I love the use of the button in his. Here's a link to his blog about it:
Hi Modraed! I was just getting ready to post these links! :) Thanks for saving me the trouble! :D
Blessings everyone and good luck with the beads!
I've never heard of pagan prayer beads until I became a member of this site. Sorry I can't be of any help they are just not a part of any Craft tradition that I know of (and thats the only kind of paganism I'm very familiar with).
I have a set I wear every day that I made. Glass beads, with a large wooden three way finding to hang a string of five beads. I used small black glass beads as spacers. Each of the larger red beads is for a specific arm of the Chaostar, or a specific triad of Runes (depending on the work I am doing). I can count through all the arms of the Star or all 24 Elder runes as a meditative practice or foci during Workings. The string of five white beads are symbolic of the 5 elements, 5 senses, 5 ages of man, and my traditions 5 keys of magick. it is on my wrist almost all the time. its become almost a part of me. Ill post a picture of it as soon as my iPhone is done updating.
Something over a decade ago I made one of these and used it for a few months. There were a number of mind numbing issues that had to be dealt with, learned from, moved on from and all in a remarkably short amount of time... :( Let me just say that year sucked.

But... to make the saga a short tale. :) .. I selected small things that were to me easily identifiable to each issue (all 60 odd issues, it was a very bad year). And I would sit before dawn every morning and welcome the sunrise while holding each small trinket, reciting something good for each one. It was a real struggle to find something good to say for most of them, and took several months for their pain to lapse. I stopped when one morning I realized there was no pain left to overcome, and just welcomed the sun in happiness.



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