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Step one:

   You must select the area in which you wish to summon you demon. The area you chose must have a water source. Water is the key ingredient to summoning your demon.

Step two:

  In order for a demon to physically enter this world it must have a host. For this particular ritual, cats are required to act as a host. Any cat of any age will do. But don't worry, the animal will remain unharmed during this event. (You on the other hand might want to invest in some sturdy gloves)

Step three:

  Before you start the ritual you must prepare the area. Feel free to place as many candles and incense as you think is necessarily to honor the demon. Place several towels on the floor around the water source. The water source need to be a good size. A bucket or sink will do the trick. Be sure you have some extra towels handy just in case. Also place some liquid soap within hands reach.

Step four:

 Take the selected cat to the summoning area and hold it above the water while saying with feeling "Oh great demon lord, please humble us with your presents and inhabit this unworthy body I present before you, so that you may inflict terror and pain onto the world" Then put the cat in the water.

Step five:

Once you put the cat in the water the demon with enter its body. (This is were gloves come in handy) Then in order to welcome the demon into this world take the liquid soap and scrub the cat. The demon will shriek,claw, bite,hiss and fight like mad but this is just its way of saying "Nice to met you, thank you for having me," Once you have cleaned the cat/demon take it out of the water and dry it off. The demon will remain in your cats body from anywhere to several hours to several days. Nasty surprises will end up in your bed, your sofa and yourself will the clawed and your food eaten. Do not touch the cat while the demon is inhabiting its body.




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Ugh I have three, eight week old kittens I have raised from birth (with their mother Callie) and I swear they are all possessed by chaos demons. XD

Since we have not seen this person in awhile , I

do have to wonder if the demon gave her presents ?

I do believe in her invoking she meant honor us with your presence...

Ye gods , the people who can't spell , yet think they can Spell !

Great gods , save me from the willingly verbally impaired !

The gobbledy g*** demons are coming !

Oh , c'mon , who or what , changed that word ?

It is not a slight toward a people , it is an old

expression meaning garlbled words...Sheesh !

Is this a "ning" thing , or someone from Paganspace who changed that ?

Really , that is taking censorship waaaaaaay tooo far , and out of context !

I concur!


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