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Merry Meet and welcome. I have been hooping for almost 6 years now. I couldn't hoop as a kid and didn't ever think much about it. I happened to be at an earth day festival in 2011 and a lady there was having a hula hoop class, she asked us if we would like to join. We laughed and said no thank you we couldn't hoop as kids and there was no way we could do it now. She laughed and said yes you can let me teach you. So for fun we joined. She hooked me up with a 42 inch 3/4 inch tubing hoop 125 PSI. I took to it like a duck to water, I couldn't believe I was hooping at the age of 47. I was hooked and never looked back. I now have 9 hoops of my own including hand hoops. Now I also make my own hoops for myself and my friends. It is wonderful exercise from your head to your toe's and  a wonderful way to express yourself. My friend and I are working to make a hooping community in our area. I wanted to reach out across the globe and connect with other's who hoop or have ever wanted to hoop. To share video's and story's. Hooping is not just for kids and skinny girls anymore. it doesn't mater your age or size. Im proof of that! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing what I have learned as well as learning from others. Cant wait to meet you! Blessed be!

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