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Hope you guys stay safe. It just made cat. 4. Please, feel free to check in.

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Believe it or not, this is a shark on the freeway in Houston, Texas

24 Hour Hurricane Harvey News

Waterway animals from the salt water gulf and freshwaters into urban flood areas will be precarious. Alligators and poisonous snakes like sharks, stingrays agitated by human contact. The meat of caught animals could be risky to eat too from raw sewage, run off chemicals in said waterways,


Donald Trump faced with class and race related partisan propaganda in the Harvey storm as Bush II was in LA Katrina. The old identify the race ethnicity of the looters or where shooting snipers are coming from, vigilantes, property owners, or government and police armed cells creating media psy ops?

Price gouging for fresh water and other goods by swindlers in a disaster area or USA free market capitalism at its extreme.....

David , that is a faked photograph...sorry , but true...;)

( the shark on freeway )

I have family near Houston.There is an alligator preserve nearby and it flooded all the gators got out.So my family was warned of that and snake hazards. 

True , but on another site where I posted it , copying it from here...

Follow the link , and find out how to tell a fake photo...

We do value our freedom here in Texas. As I write from soggy Central Texas, the cable news is showing people floating down Buffalo Bayou on their principles, proud residents of the largest city in these United States that did not grow in accordance with zoning ordinances (Article Excerpt).

The great hurricane and floods of 2017 south Texas gulf region will be a telling examination on the social and infrastructural effects of low to no zoning and building codes in the heavily Republican Party voting state.


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