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First let me share my beliefs because this isn't going to make sense to people who have different beliefs than mine.  And a part of me wants to know if anybody here has my beliefs. I would like to talk to like-minded people.  So, I would like to share something about myself before we get started.

I am a fan of Jennifer O'Neill's books.  I LOVE reading her material, and I believe in it.  So, if you don't share the same beliefs as me.  What I'm about to say is probably going to sound like nonsense to you.  It's ok, you don't have to participate in this thread.  But I hope I could meet like-minded people who also believes in the books Jennifer O'Neill has written.   For me, Jennifer O'Neill has really opened my eyes.  And she's a nice lady.  You could get some of her books for free.  Tho, I do think she gives some bad advice in Psychic Vampires.  It was, "If somebody's negative, just cut them out of your life. Even if they are your parents."  Ok, I think that's TERRIBLE advice.   Sure, if your parents are abusive cut them out.  But it MIGHT be you.  You MIGHT be overly sensitive.  Maybe it's a good idea to read some books or go through websites and look for signs that you're in an abusive relationship.  Because you could also be over the top sensitive. 

I have a co-worker and I said, "You really knocked it out of the ball park." and I gave her some constructive criticism as nicely as I could.  And she accused me of nagging her.  WTF?  And the reason I gave her some advice is that a person could've potentially have died because of her.  But oh, well.  I'm going to go back to school, so that I could transfer to a new career where I could be all alone.  It's not that I hate people.  But while it's annoying to deal with people who are extremely aggressive.  It's also annoying to deal with a lying, hypocritical, holier-than-thou, crybaby.  She makes me like my first partner more because at least my first partner was just a bitch from hell and a hypocrite. 

Well, anyway. To the point of the OP, I remember Jennifer O'Neill stating in facebook. That anything good and/or bad that happens in your life, could be traced back to you. Because as humans, we could attract good things to us, and bad things to us.  When bad things happen to you, you need to trace them back to your thoughts.  And in one book, she says that bad things aren't really bad because they give you a push and keeps you from getting complacent. And she was RIGHT.

Dealing with a WHINING, hypocritical, lying, holier-than-thou, bitch gave me a push to just go back to school.  If I only had good partners, I probably would've stuck with the job.  Because the job I have now is ACTUALLY fun when you're not stuck with shitty people.  I actually LOVED my job when I first got it.  But dealing with shitty people changed all that.  But now I'm happy, because it gave me the push I need to know that I definitely should go back to school.

And now when I look back and reflect on my life, all the bad things that happened to me. Helped me to propel forward.  Even tho I hate it, it gives to a drive to do anything you can to leave the bad situation.  And yes, I can be EXTREMELY LAZY.  I'm a Pisces Snake. And we are lazy.  So, sometimes bad things are a wake up call. It's like, "Stop being so damn lazy and go back to school."  And it helped me pick a career that I believe I would truly love.  So, it's like "Fuck you and thank you."

Anyway.  Has bad things helped you push forward?  What was it?  Feel free to rant about the shit that's going on in your life and why you want to leave him, her, it.  And how good it feels to know that you're leaving a bad situation for a better one.  Because I've always wanted to go back to school.  This would be my 2nd time.  The first time I went back to school, I went in for Office Administration, but things didn't work out the way I've planned it.  And that's ok.  And even if things don't turn out the way I planned it now.  I still think it would be better than being at a stand still.  It's really, "Thank you and Fuck you."  Because if I didn't have to deal with so much stress and so much shit, I still would've been a lazy bitch.  I'm telling you. We Pisces Snakes are really THAT LAZY.  We need people to get away from.  That's actually kinda sad, really.  We're just the hedonists.

What thoughts I had that probably caused my terrible situation at work?  Well, I was watching a bunch of atheists videos and they were saying, "It would be better if everybody was an atheists because then there would be nothing to fight about."  And I was thinking, "Well, what would motivate you to push forward?  Don't get you drive and passion from being angry?  By being angry, you have a lot of spirit to get shit done."  Next thing you know, my boss gave me a very shitty person to work with for the 2nd time.  Then I filled out a bunch of college papers.  So, I'm glad that bad things gave me the drive to move forward. 

So, if you can, could you possibly name any thoughts that helped caused your own reality?  If not, then please at least share bad experiences that helped you moved forward.  And rant all you like. 

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Or sometime I think of it like a game...

I would have never have thought to put a spin on it like that. Might as well make it fun, right?

I had never heard of "Jennifer O'Neill" until this post. A very quick Google search directed me to a web site of a former model named Jennifer O'Neill, who seemed Christian-like based off the comments people made about her books. I would be very appreciative if you would clarify whether or not this is the same Jennifer O'Neill.

I agree to a certain extent that we do attract the good and the bad that happens to us. My only caveat would be babies and children who are in abusive situations. How exactly did they attract that type of bad?

I do agree with you, though, that anger is a useful emotion, but only if channeled properly. For instance, it can motivate us to take action (such as in your Hitler example) or we can allow it to make us bitter and vengeful. We are the ones who decide how we will let the anger affect us.

In your situation of going back to a trade school, it seems you have decided to use your anger as a means to be proactive, rather than an excuse to wallow in misery. Well done.

This is Jennifer O'Neill

You could also type Jennifer O'Neill on amazon, and if you see Psychic Abilities, Soul DNA, and Universal Laws, then you've found the right one :)  But the actress is not the right Jennifer O'Neill. She's never been an actress.

I believe that before we reincarnate, we choose what lessons that we want to learn.  Some people really want to learn what it's like to have cancer or what's it like to be in an abusive relationship.  But I believe we decide which lessons we would like to learn while we're in the spirit world.  But we've forgotten how to manifest good things to us in this life time.  And we keep successfully using the law of manifestations to hurt each other, as oppose to help each other spiritually grow.

Well, it's not only Hitler. It's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  And I believe the monk Martin Luther who created the Protestant church.   Anger could be used as a motivational tool to get shit done.  I don't think we should get caught up in disappear and do nothing.  We should at least try to improve our lives.   And I believe that instead of using magick to hurt each other.  To instead, use magick to help your enemies grow spiritually.  Because we are all one.  And each and every time you hurt somebody else, you're actually hurting yourself.  So, when you see a shitty person, just pray that they would grow out of their bad habits. 

But yes, anger could help make you proactive.  Anger also helped a friend of mine make straight A's in school, back when he was in school.  and thank you :)

I havent read her books, but ive definetly noticed this and understand it.

"It would be better if everybody was an atheists because then there would be nothing to fight about."  And I was thinking, "Well, what would motivate you to push forward?

False equivocation.  There will always be conflict and adversarial forces you must confront.   People tend to buck authoritarianism of any kind.  Even if society were secular, rebellion would form as a religious movement.


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Only the Portugese could make this country Spanish! Yeehaw, lol. (historical sarcasim, I've had a bit to drink, folks)


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