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I was an atheist when I started a subreddit for The Imperial Cult of Rome.  In my decade as an atheist I had experienced many terrifying coincidences which I didn't realize at the time were the Moirai and not coincidences.  For example, back in 2011 I mentioned Japanese Internment on Facebook one day and the next day I noticed there had been a 9.0 quake in Japan that killed 15,000 people with a tsunami.  When I checked the time of the comment I noticed I posted the comment 11 minutes before the 9.0 2011 Japan quake.  I used the phrase "Executive Order 9066" and not "Japanese Internment" on the comment which made my discovery after starting my sub even more scary.

When I started my subreddit for The Imperial Cult everything became terrifyingly clear: I am somehow a god on this planet.

I guess I'm just here to leave a record with some evidence that there really is a superhuman entity extant and present.

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Troll or delusional would be my guess.

Myself and my long term boyfriend have had many of the same instances. There are definietyly many of us here on earth - I hope that gives you asome peace.

Good LUck

Blessings Be

I would like to know, first of all, if you are still a contributing member of the "Imperial Cult" reddit. I was not familiar with this website but I just looked at it in order to prepare my response to your post. I noticed that the first entry on the page is entitled "A collection of divine events proving I am, in fact, who I claim to be, the Son of Chaos, servant of Athena". The author of the post calls himself "HonorableJudgeHolden". The "Judge" posted this 8 months ago, so this could be yours---except that the mood 8 months ago was one of confidence, not alarm. 

What I perceive is that when you began to participate in the Imperial Cult you entered what the Hindus call a "Loka"---a heaven world belonging to a particular god or goddess. Ordinarily one enters the Loka after physical death when the mind, detached from its physical moorings, dreams and in the dreams experiences what Christians call heaven or hell. These dreams are analogous to the dreams that we have every night when we sleep. But even if you do not believe in an afterlife I think we can say that the Imperial Cult is a Loka or "psychic field" which creates a dream-like experience. The question is, who is the "god" of this particular Loka? I have the impression that more than a few members of the Imperial Cult believe that they are controlling world events, but the sobering reality is that you are not controlling anything, for someone is controlling your mind---by orchestrating a dream. Someone whom you or I may never see is present in an Inner Place and when he dreams, each of you dreams with him. Naturally Christians will call this person Satan, but the people of PaganSpace can provide you with a number of more interesting possibilities.  

The important thing is not to discover the identity of the "dreamer" who is dreaming what you subsequently experience as an Imperial Cult member but to simply say good bye to him---in a polite, respectful way. I would go further and thank him for a fascinating experience. Then promise him that you will never attempt to uncover the truth about him. That is the important thing. He will let you go without a struggle only if he can be confident that you will not be a threat to him in the future. Your plan is simply to put this experience behind you and go on to an entirely new phase of life. If you wish to oppose him the way Christians oppose Satan you will need an ally---I suggest in that case that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Alternatives exist, for example a Guru or even the Bodhisattva Tara, but do not make Tara oppose someone who is not normally her enemy when you can, by following my advice, just leave. Say to the unknown god, "It was a wonderful party but I have to go". Then delete the bookmark for the Imperial Cult page and do not go back to it.




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