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I was reading an article the other day and I was stunned at the take on various belief systems.It seems to many that because you believe in a belief system you are what that system implies. I was always under the impression that a belief system is based on the morals and values of the believer, not the other way around. After all, a belief started with one single individual belief by one single individual.
I believe we are in a serious denial situation with ourselves if we conform our beliefs to one individuals ideas layed out for us in written doctrine.
We as humans, have the ability to make decisions for the better or worse. Making a decision to conform our lives to a certain way of believing is a big decision.
Much soul searching should be involved in this process.
When looking for a spiritual path always consider whether your chosen path conforms to your moral, spiritual and ethical way of life. Incorporate your chosen path into your way of life instead of changing yourself to conform with your chosen path. In doing this you and your path can live together in harmony.
My way of believing is that all belief systems have valuable assets to offer and can work together if your heart so wishes.

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I believe in dogs but I don't think that makes me a dog


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