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Ok. . . 

I will try my best to make the long story short and go into more detail if anyone needs me too. 

But basically, I have a stalker, and he is more than off his rocker. 

2 years ago I was friends with this person and actually was pretty good friends with him, or so I thought. Till one day, he just snapped. He had me drive him to a car dealership so that he could look at the new Cameros that were coming out. . which I didn't think was a good idea at the time. My philosophy is why look if your not buying. . but anyway. He went into the dealership while I waited in my car (was on lunch break from work) and after about 10 minutes I had the other friend that was with us go in to get him. Instead of both of them walking out my other friend came out and waved me into the building. Once inside I saw my friend holding the keys to the Camero refusing to give them back to the owner of the dealership repeating that the car was his because he decided it was. After a massive confrontation involving every employee at the dealership and the police being called he finally handed them over. Once the police arrived they (dealership wasn't pressing charges because he used to work for them) told him he needed to leave with me and everything would be fine. Instead he refused to leave with me and so was arrested.

An hour later he called me asking me to loan him money for bail, which I did not do. So later that evening once he had been released, he showed up at my then boyfriends apartment and freaked us both out so much that we called the police on him because we were more than concerned for his mental well-being and he was creeping us out by saying things like, "Pretty soon none of us are going to be worried about gas money, paying rent or anything. . we are going somewhere really nice" and then did a soulless smile, he tried to kiss me ( we never ever had an intimate relationship) and I knew if I let him it was like the kiss of death. So I pulled away. So we called the police so they would go to his apartment and check on him to make sure everything was ok. Well they can't just go check on people so we had to draw up a paper saying that he was no longer welcome on the property.  The police went to his apartment, where he proceeded to blow pot smoke at the officer, resist arrest, and was hit with a taser twice. He was taken to jail for the second time in one day. 

The next day after being released, he went home. He called my house multiple times so that I could come over and give him words of advice etc. (at the time I had moved back in with my parents) but my Dad answered the phone and told him to leave me alone etc. And that's when he said he just wanted a minister etc. 

That day he was taken to the psych ward of one of the local hospitals.  After that happened I thought, "oh good, he's getting help." He was there for two weeks I believe. During this time his ex-wife decided to go to her attorney and file for sole custody of their daughter, claiming that he was a danger. Which at the time he 100% was. 

Then almost 1 1/2 years maybe goes by and he pops back into my life. First calling from numbers that I didn't know, then he showed up at my office, and then tried to contact me on Facebook/e-mail. . . basically any method he could. One day a few months ago he ambushed me at work. And wanted to talk. So I agreed. And quickly realized and came to the conclusion that he was not any better, and in fact he is now worse. He lives in the past and acts like everything that happened was yesterday. . claims to see things. . hear things. .  I have nothing against anyone suffering from mental illness and if I can be there for support I will be, but in this situation I feel very threatened. Like a wolf backed into a corner with no escape. 

Today he called my office from a new phone number. 

I am at my wits end. 

I have told him to stop contacting me, very nicely, and he has ignored my requests. Instead he just waits a few months in between encounters. But every single time I see him I look into his eyes and I can see him full of negative energy. . almost bloated by it. I do not want a friendship with him ever again. 

Ugh. . so I don't know if I should get a restraining order or how to go about this one. Any suggestions? We have a diverse crowd hoping maybe we have some Police Officers, Attorneys, or anyone with experience with this type of situation. 

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Agreed, plus keep a notebook of every encounter dated, the time, and everything you can remember, every little detail. Make sure this is in a notebook (like the dollar composition ones you can get at dollar general) with none of the pages ripped out. This is very important, more important than the restraining order and weapon because that will be your shining light in court if this thing goes that far. If something really bad happens, write one copy in the notebook and one on loose paper (not ripped from the notebook) and mail a copy to yourself and have it postmarked with the date and all and do not open it, this will also help in court because it was dated officially and not just by your hand.

Also I reccommend having them put the date stamp on it too so its in big bold letters. Thats what I do everytime my boss does something messed up to me.

Make sure get training on said gun & some self defense classes would be a good idea as well. Do some warding as well.

Yeah try to get a gun or atleast a realistic looking fake gun (if you don't want to kill the guy). It would also be a good idea to learn some basic self defense moves.

Thanks everyone. .. looks like I need to invest in a gun...well first get a FOID card then get a gun. And then need to learn how to use it. . guns intimidate me. 

And thank you for sharing your personal struggles as well, it is comforting to know that I'm not alone. 

He claims that I woke him up spiritually and thanked me the last time he came to my office and told me that without me he would still be asleep. . . . I would like to know what part of my spirituality made him go insane. 

Luckily I live in a house with three male roommates, and I'm in the basement....I've moved and I don't think he knows where I live now. Thank the Gods. My parents have guns and my Dad and Brother both know how to use them, as they hunt. But I know he wouldn't have the guts to even go near that house now. At least I would hope he wouldn't. . 

I talked to a good friend that works at the police department, and his other arrests are on record as am I due to the reports I made. So, it's going to be easy to get him. Plus I have witnesses too. He calls my work phone because I am one of the last remaining people that refuses to get a cell me old fashioned. But she (police source) told me to come in and file it officially, and they will find him and warn him to stay away from me (they know he has a mental illness due to his statements made while under arrest) and if he does not comply then I will be able to press charges. He apparently told the Police that he was watching the weather channel waiting for the news that the world was ending and couldn't leave the tv. Yeah. . . 

It's been a 2 year almost mess now. Of me trying to be nice, understanding of his illness and at first I tried to lend support. However, that obviously was regarded as something else by him. 

This whole process has been hard to deal with. I already have trust issues, this further complicates that. 

Thank you again everyone, for your words of wisdom, for lending support and prayers, and for sharing with me. I greatly appreciate it. I'll keep this thread updated once I talk to the police most likely in the morning. 


LEGAL HELP,call the police,stop being NICE and fucking call him on it and protect yourself! HE's NOT your friend now!  DOCUMENT EVERYTHING IN WRITING,CRUCIAL!! HELL,I 've had stalkers in real life and on line,be smart about it,use every legal devise,magical devise and bag his sorry ass. GET EMPOWERED! Good fortune to you! I recommend self defense for all women.If you have a gun,have a real one and know howe to site,fire and be accurate

StarLily and Celticlass, 

As far as magic goes. . this is the area I lack in. Protection spells, I'm adept with. But in this case I'm honestly at a loss due to the fact that I really don't want any bounce back. . 

So some serious suggestions in that area would be a HUGE help. Because I've thought about it, but I just don't know where to start. 

HELLO RUNS WITH WOLF! I will reboot some of the discussions on Cursing ./Hexxing,so you can read the comments on the hows,whys,whats.FRANKLY,to truely understand and do an effective curse,the spellcaster doesnt worry abnout "bounceback"....I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.....sick sons of bitches out there......everywhere......

PUTTING a curse out correctly and properly,shoulod get the reactiin the spellcaster intends when down wisely and with care.......NO risk at all,just the ability to get it done.....I pooped the  ursing and Hexxing discussion up.....tonite is FULL MOON too......

Thank you Celticlass...Faerie Queen. I will go to the discussion and read it and if I've got any questions I will send you over a message. Appreciate the help!  

Starlily, I just want him to leave me alone. I don't want to cause any physical harm but I just want him to hit a mental wall any time he thinks about me, just want out of his thought processes. . 

I honestly have never done any type of spell work to ward people off. . only work that involves helping others. So this is why it's a whole new ball game for me. Ah but I guess I am helping myself huh. . 

ENERGY is energy and the use of it,is what directs the intent of it......STAY SAFE!!

You also need to change your phone number, set your facebook to complete privacy and move to a new location if at all possible. Guns, knives and other weapons do not phase a mentally ill person. (I used to work at a state mental hospital as well as a lock down facility for sexually violent predators). The thought processes and how they rationalize is totally out of whack. What would work to keep a "normal" person away will not work on an "abnormal" person. Protect yourself legally and document everything. Even better if you can document on video or audio. Good luck!



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