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Does anyone know a good way to remove a curse My water pump has a short circuit in it which is keeping the water from getting to my house.

while I was waiting for the well drilling guy I did some weed eating till the battery charge ran out then used the lawn mower and one of the wheels fell off.

this just had to happen after I saved almost 400 bucks I was going to put some more money back next month but now I have to get 500 or 6000 dollars up to even get him to do whats necessary to find out if thats going to be enough he said it would be about 1600 maximum around 500-600 at the minimum depending on whether its the wires or motor.

seems like every time I want to save money something keeps me fron doing it thats why I think it may be a curse.

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I no the feeling, bad luck always seems to come in waves.

I do not think you are cursed. I think that when large emotional upheaval happens, such as divorce or redundancy, it alters one's mindset so that the negative things become more focused on. In time we get over the emotional upset and the mind focuses on other things and life becomes more balanced and positive.

I think your best bet is to do a "money drawing" spell to boost your income during this financially difficult time. I wish you luck with this.


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