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I recieved an interesting letter in the mail today.

When i checked the mail, i received a letter that had my address on it, but no name, so i opened it to find a hand written letter. This is what it says:

Dear Neighbor,

Since i can't meet with you today in person, I'm writing this brief letter of encouragement.

Enclosed is the magazine entitled, "What are the Marks of True Christianity?"

      I really appreciated the article, "This Good News of the Kingdom Will Be Preached". If you look in your personal copy of the bible at Matthew 24:14 you will read that the good news has to be preached all over the world than the end will come. The end of what? The end of this wicked system we live in now.

     I hope you enjoy this whole magazine as much as I did.


Your Friend,


If you have any questions contact the Kingdom Hall at xxx-xxxx. We alaso conduct free home bible studies.

That was my fabulous surprise! Along with a copy of The Watch Tower. Which leads me to believe i was contacted by Jehovah Witnesses. I have no idea who sent me this letter, I have a secret Jehovah friend.

I am going to write back! I am not quite sure what im going to say yet, I have decided that I am going to read the magazine before I comment and start my discussion. I think it would be fabulous to have a religious penpal, especially one with a very different system of belief. I may just take them up on the offer of free home bible studies! I will even supply the tea and cookies.I guess i will have to go take a bible from a church.

To clarify, I am pagan. However, I enjoy religious discussion and debate. I am an adult and very capable of having adult conversations with other religious paradigms. I find it insightful, and a great opportunity to learn something I may not already know. I can also teach. I am very certain that my mysterious Jehovah friend has no idea what spiritual path i follow, and thats ok, I will be more than happy to discuss it with them!

Whats your take on this? Has anyone ever received letters in the mail like this? I find that many pagans get hostile toward mainstream religion and do not often like to associate or speak to them, especially if they knock on your door. I wonder why this is? Why not spend a few minutes and have a conversation with someone of another belief? If your comfortable in your own belief, is it that much of a problem. I understand they are spreading the word of their God, but i your solid in your belief I dont see how it would affect you. I also understand how sometimes your busy, and thats cool. I notice, in spending a  few years on paganspace, that there is a lot of hostility toward mainstream faiths, especially when they try to give you their magazines or talk to you when they knock on your door. Again, why? If you got a letter would you respond?

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I have no idea, the return address is a PO box. It COULD be a neighbor a few doors down who is a JW. She has no idea what i believe, but met through a neutral neighbor. Her 12 year old son got a snake and I was talking to her about snakes, caring for them, etc. Thats the only time i ever talked to her. So it is possibly her. I think, if it is her and she gets my letter, then she will knock on my door? Im not sure yet. We will see.

Here's a funny true story.. while walking to work a few years back about 7:30 in the morning i was approached by two JW ladies. I saw them coming toward me waving the Watchtower and getting ready to do their good deed.. I was walking at a moderately fast pace but these two little old ladies were keeping up.. they began to speak and i told them thank you but I'm not Christian, they switched gears fast and started to tell me how Christ ministered to the Jews, I then told them I'm not Jewish, bewilderment crept across their face as I'm not Asian or Mid-eastern looking.. I'm a blue eyed blond.. one of them finally asked what religion I was and I answered I'm Pagan.. they nervously laughed thinking I was joking so I repeated.. I'm serious.. I am a Pagan... this was too much and left them speechless they politely thanked me for my time and made a hasty retreat and I mean hasty... I still remember the look or horror on their faces and it brings a smile to me...

I have had my fair share of individuals react similarly, from a bunch of different faiths. Its cool, I dont mind. I find that it shows a lack of knowledge and refusal to gain that knowledge on their part.


Do you live with your sister? Are you referring to having to deal with being in her company while she writes and replies to letters? Im not sure I understand what you are trying to say.

Is it not common in your family to share the same mother and grow up together?

You have older sisters, im not sure if the 2 you mentioned are in addition to your Christian sister. But it seems to me that the problem lies with how you feel about your sisters, not their belief. Is it a you against the world kind of thing?

Also, what is wrong with your sister "loving that christian energy"?

Perhaps I am not understanding because your text is chaotic and therefore difficult to interpret.

I can only wish your sister the best and hope she's happy.  Maybe you shunning her is a blessing in disguise.

I think you are smart to read the mag before responding.  having an adult  conversation abotu religion is always a good thing..providing both sides are respectful of eachothers choices.

I absolutely agree!

I used to have those conversations with JW folk and such, but it took a lot of time and ended up with their attempts to convert me.  So, I stopped spending my energy on it.  They certainly have the right to practice their religion but I assert my right to be left alone to practice mine without people trying to change my mind about what I believe.

As you should. Thats where I mention respect. Without it, then there is no good conversation

Got a tip for you.  Google The Aquarian Tabernacle Church or Pete Pathfinder in Index Wa.  You can mail order a box of Pagan literature that LOOKS like a Jack Chick Christian tract, but is definately NOT.  It is Pagan/Wiccan, and will stop obnoxious Christians in their tracks.  I carry one in my purse all the time.  They're hilarious.

I will definitely google it, that just sounds like a fabulous name


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