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     I love to practice magick but today, I was thinking about it and I thought, why do I do it? Well... it's fun to a certain degree but also useful in my life.

I could go on but I'll stop right here and see what others say.

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Because I can to help myself and others

   Agreed , friend...:)

Humans as a whole, that's all of us, do magic all the time, but we do it unconsciously. However, it's part of growing up and being an adult, from a species standpoint, to take conscious charge of originally unconscious behavior. It's better to do magic purposefully with intent than to unintentionally project it without understanding.

I honestly think in a past life I was a Magi in Egypt or Nubia and my soul yearns for Magick in my life since its already experienced it. So many things point to this for me but this was an interesting question.

First , Mary , I shall define some things to answer you :

Magic = Change By Both Desire And Need

Mgieck = Ancient Faery Tradition

Magick = Sex + To Bring Forth

The third spelling also has to do with tapping into the

Telluric Current , to affect change , through Sex , thus

why Crowley used the spelling...and why his Boleskine

House was on the edge of Loch Ness , close to a major

network of ley lines...

Now , in my ancient Faery Tradition , these two words

from our language have the same gematria value :

Wietchcrreayafth = 682

Theaantherrea = 682

( Witchcraft and Tantra , today )

Yet , among those who know , in India and other old cultures ,

the Old Tantra , *was* Witchcraft...

So I use the Ancient Faery Tradition , of Mgieck , to affect

Change , By Desire And Need , using Sex , among other methods ,

to Bring Forth the reality most applicable to the situation at the time...;)

It's better to ask why not. But I understand your point.

Because it's the natural thing to do. To not would be un-natural.

I felt called to it, this feels more natural and true to myself then other forms of religious expression and practice. Im much happier with a nature centered spirit focused practice then i was before. 

My answer: to bring about change through my will.

Sciencey answer: psycho drama, psychology

I only do magic when I need help and don't see any other way to get the help I need.

It's not a game or something I have 'fun' with.  You all know what comes from dabbling.

Dabble , Dabble , Psychobabble ,

Add Some Herbs , And Stir The Rabble ,

Gods And Spirits I Call And Foment ,

I Raise The Dead By Focused Intent ,

Not That I Need You Just Wanted To Ask

You All To Help Me With This Task ,

Not For Some Increase Or Deficit ,

Just Call It A Spell For The Hell Of It !

Yeah...can piss somebody off on the Otherside...;)

If something cannot be fixed by hand.. By heart.. Mind or soul..  Use them all voila. 

Magic is an extension of the being..  But not the only being..

Can be used for so much,  as long as you try by yourself first.. 

But hell.. Sometimes we all have f*it Friday's and let it boil over into everything  :)


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