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     I love to practice magick but today, I was thinking about it and I thought, why do I do it? Well... it's fun to a certain degree but also useful in my life.

I could go on but I'll stop right here and see what others say.

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I don't have to ask.  I know.  I'm using the tools at my disposal to better myself and my situation.  I've never made any bones about that.

You use magic, because you need magic and those that do it as well. 

Because I can.

i do magick when need be.

In the Old Ways Of The Craft there were ( and still are )

twenty nine runes of Woman , not the twenty four of men

which were used :

The rune the men called Nauthiz , as they do today , was pronounced Naid ,

and one of it's meanings was "Need" is where the word came from...

We etched it on our forefinger , and for those who can visualize this :

This rune stacked , one on top of another , reversed each time , then joined ,

becomes a sine wave , yet was pictured in one tradition as a staff with a serpent ;

However , at another time the same rune was utilized in a different way :

Image result for Rune Nauthiz

And thus the magician's position...

So this is where the idea and saying came about...

Magic works by "Naid / Need" ;

As if one studies sine waves , what they are , and how all is affected by sine waves ,

one shall begin to understand what was known by those who practiced the Old Ways...

( Let alone , as a staff , held across the body , it was a block to passage , as

the one some have called the "Dweller On The Threshold" at the Crossroads )

It's in my blood. It's a practice so common, I couldn't imagine not doing it

I've always seen or felt things that have no other explanation. Only difference is now, I can drive away and protect myself from things I don't want.

Psychology. Paganism fits people more than organized religion, which, seems to be about uplifting and praising a single concept or extra-planar entity which may not even exist. Plus; you get to light stuff on fire, take photos of the resulting mess, and post the photos on Facebook and ask everyone what it means :)


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