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Hey Guys!

As some of you know, I was part of a Baptist Church, being ChristoPagan, in hiding.

Well, I "came out" to the church, they politely told me to hop it, and over the past week I've learned so much about myself, I discovered who I am, that I'm Pagan through and through, and...I've returned! And I ain't going nowhere!

I love you guys!

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Welcome back, doll! We kept the porch light on for you! :)
AND the balefire lit!!  And SILVER WOLF is my clan,too,Clan Gordon!
Cannae beat a good balefire!

Welcome back. 


What did you expect from them?
welcome back....many blessings
AYE,too bad for the church this fine lady is gone!!  LOL!!  THEIR LOSS!
Thanks Celticlass!
wecome!!  true,right? have yiu heard from any of your "friends?" yet?
I have, some of them still want to be friends with me, but they haven't mentioned going to church, not that I'm bothered! I AM EMPOWERED!!!
I just love it!!!


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