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Immigrants Reach Beyond a Legal Barrier for a Reunion : My Views

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DOMA could easily have been taken down long ago.  The Lambda Legal and other LGBT activists didn't want to go the route of the US Constitution, they chose a different path and that is why the controversy has dragged out.

"Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibit the free exercise there of."  The fix is simple, all relationships we call marriage today are not Constitutional.  First all such relationships would be civil unions.  Then if the couple want a "Marriage" with all the sanctity of their religious beliefs they can get one of those.  Our system has never separated church and state and this would do the country a huge favor, but those who claim to represent the interests of the LGBT community have some other agenda.  

You can expect foreign persons to strike up relationships with stupid LGBT Americans and then when that foreign person gets their citizenship; dump said stupid LGBT person and take half of their property, or kill said stupid LGBT American and take all their property.

This isn't immigration; this is invasion.      

I Love that Janet Brewer.  I hope Arizona secedes from this fucked up Union.  I hope they mine that Mexican border.


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