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Will we choose to dismantle the tyranny of the Cult of the Self?

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I wish I had the ability to watch the video. Still have no access to DSL here. however, reading what you quoted from it, I have to say that it sounds like what I've always thought of as sociopathic. I'm going to see what I can find out on the internet in text.
That's essentially the gist of the video. Even without DSL, you could watch this video if you like. Here's how: Open a new browser window, navigate to and select the video. Once the player starts to display the first picture of the video, press the far lower right button on the player to pause the video. It will likely take more that an hour to load the video this way, but you will be able to play it normally by pressing the lower right button again once the the line at the bottom of the video is red from one end to the other. ;-)
Thank you Treavor. I'll try that. There are so many videos posted here and elsewhere that I've been effectively out of the loop on many discussions.
I will remember that in the future, Dragonfly, and make an effort to post a synopsis for videos I post that are important to meaningful discussion.
That's very thoughtful. I doubt there are many other than me who don't have high speed but probably are some, at least. I will certainly appreciate it.
I did find this:
NARTH is a group that "Upholds the rights of individuals with unwanted homosexual attraction to seek psychological treatment". It seems that there's a movement among psychologists to remove homosexuality from the list of recognized psychological disorders and to make it a breach of ethics to treat someone for homosexuality in an attempt to "cure" someone of it.
There is a quote by Vitz on the site in which Vitz seems to be against that idea. I accidentally clicked off the page and need to read it again.
Vitz says this:
Traditional psychological scientists became deeply concerned by what they saw as the erosion of the legitimate standards of objectivity for any science...[many psychologists] gave up on the APA because of its lack of commitment to science and to objective research. Meanwhile, the APA has increasingly shown itself to be both a professional society and a political-ideological interest group. It has taken stands that are quite consistent with its secular and humanistic psychology, in favoring abortion and homosexual rights.

Thus the APA has supported the removal of homosexuality from any official list of pathologies. A strong group of pro-homosexual activists is now pushing the APA to make even psychological treatment of homosexuals who ask to be cured of their homosexual orientation a violation of professional ethics.

Whether this extreme expression of ideological bias will be accepted, remains to be seen, but in any case, the APA has become just another political interest group, lobbying for favors in Washington and elsewhere.

It now has the objectivity and professional integrity of the American Tobacco Institute
I certainly don't recommend the Narth would view. The video was a point of departure for discussion only. I certainly don't subscribe to their disgusting beliefs in any other respect than that I do believe that selfish deceit is a disease that needs to be erased from our society or we will all continue to suffer.
I wondered about that. It was just the first text I found on that video. I agree with you that selfishness has grown to proportions that have undermined the basis of our society such as actual commitment in marriage and truthfulness in relationships and the ability of others to understand that they must find a way to respect all other cultures and beliefs.
I was watching a PBS presentation on the Baby Boomers which had a lot to say about how that generation has changed the face of society partly by the idea that the individual has the right to expect everything in life to be fun and to reject anything that comes along in life that isn't personally gratifying. I understand and accept that idea but only in moderation. For instance, if a marriage is unhappy, where there are children involved, there's much more to be considered than simply the happiness of the partners. You already know my views about the way certain religions feel no obligation to leave room for the beliefs of others that may differ from their own. Then there's mass consumerism which is a selfish indulgence that has global implications. I also see lack of consideration for the environment to be a selfish action that has even more serious global implications. Are any of these things what you have in mind?


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