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I am supposed to be writing and/or studying right now, but instead I am being a lazy f@*#tard!'s time for some mindless entertainment! This game is one of those silly Myspace things. You type the title of a movie followed by "in my pants" I'll start:

"The Seven Year Itch in my pants"

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"Titanic in my pants" lol

Awww Martina are you okay, Love?
Nine and a 1/2 Weeks - in my pants LMAO
"What's Eating Gilbert Grape in my pants" LMAO!
"10 Things I Hate About You in my pants"
LMAO - Beowulf In My Pants - damn I wish LMAO
"Avalanche in my pants" LOL!!
ROFLMAO!!!!!! toooo fricken funny
"Finding Neverland in my pants"
LMAO - I just watched this movie geesh - The Cave in my pants ROFLMAO!!!!!


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