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Found this amazing gem:

They go into a little bit about Modern Mexico and the enslavement of the Aztecs. But I really liked it because it didn't demonize the Aztecs at all. It didn't even demonized human sacrifice, in fact one of the anthropologist basically goes on about how people dehumanize the Aztecs to condemn/judge them by making them seem barbaric and alien. The only thing is the myth of Cortez and Quetzalcoatl is pretty debunked, but everything else matches research.

Btw I thought we had an Aztec thread for all things Aztec I made, but I couldn't find it no matter how much I searched.

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No, I thought I made a more general one. But I guess I only thought to and never did, lol.

Hi! In the spirit of the movie,"Avatar!"We shouldn't demonize them either and its good that we honor as well as respect there presence and after presence as Immortal spiritual beings.I think the human sacrifice part was just a way or justification in order to commit ongoing genocide against this group by the spanish as well as other groups.I'am sure most or a few ascended to another plane or planes of existance.Some might have found refuge in the inner Earth/Mother as well.I wouldn't be surprised if our galactic families took some of the Aztec survivors off-world to begin again.I'am sure they had to be sufficently evolved spiritually in order for this to happen.On a scale measured by unconditional love and service to other beings.As the new era for humanity comes about self-healing and healing on a collective level should begin to take place.In order to honor the members of these indigenous native peoples where ever they maybe,"Namaste!

There's another afterlife, I forget the name that quetzalcoatl governs but not much is known about it.

The Aztec Sun Stone is getting some new attention from David Stuart of the University of Texas. Click on the following link to read about David's newest interpretation: New Interpretation for Aztec Sun Stone Shows It Is a Named Portrait

Amazing piece of stonework, obviously a tool for some kind of divination, sorcery, or astrology.

The dehumanization of cultures who use blood sacrifice in their rituals is a by product of the hypocritical nature of modern theology. Assuming you take it literally, no one dehumanizes the bible for the mass killing of children on behalf of Herod, for example, or stoning un-believers to death, the execution of sorcerers, or even the stabbing in the back of jesus christ himself, who was the ultimate judeo christian human sacrifice. It seems odd to me that it is never pitched that way.

Executions were, and are still common, in every culture of society. An execution that becomes a sacrifice is no different than any other execution, even though some of the executions performed by the Aztecs and the Mayans sometimes were unexplainably bizzarre.

So, even though this documentary is blocked by a copywrite, there is another story involving the Mayans that I have in my archives, and I found a narration of some of it here;

"The Mayans and Aztecs were mortal enemies by the way due to an unfortunate misunderstanding of their ancestors back in the early 14th century. The Aztec (called Mexica) king asked for the Mayan king’s daughter Achitometl. The Mayans thought he was asking for her hand in marriage and granted his wish and sent his only daughter over to the Aztecs. As the story goes, during a festival dinner a few days later that they thought was the wedding ceremony, a priest came out wearing her flayed skin as part of the ritual. The Aztecs didn’t want to marry her, they wanted to sacrifice her. Upon seeing this, the king and the people of Culhuacan were horrified and expelled the Aztecs who eventually found their way onto a small island in Lake Texcoco, where they founded their capital, Tenochtitlan.

While it is true the Mayans were slightly less believers in human sacrifice than their enemies the Aztecs, they both practiced voluntary blood-letting which occurred at every religious function. Such blood-letting was tied to rank: the higher one was in social or priestly rank, the more blood one had to sacrifice.

There was urgency to all this sacrifice. The Aztec believed that the world was controlled by divine forces that were in constant conflict and opposition to one another. The universe was poised between conflicting forces of creation and destruction; human beings could, in part, influence this balance through the practice of sacrifice."


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