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I hardly think myself an expert on this topic, but it appears that people have questions. This discussion is meant to be a place for people with questions to connect with people who feel they can answer them. 

I'd like it to stay civil and informative. 

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I said novels actually.

And yes, I really do feel that no one would want to be a vampire of the books weren't released.

I really don't care.  That was all before my time and I had nothing to do with the "beginnings" of the community.  In any case its really not important because "vampire" is only a term for an act and has nothing to do with the mythical vampires of legend let alone Anne Rice.

So because it was before your time it doesn't matter?

Yeah, right.

It matters more then you think it does Caitlin. If it wasn't for those novels and the TV Dark Shadows then the more human vampire wouldn't exist. People wouldn't want to be a vampire or be called one. 

If there was no archetype of the vampire would vampirism still exist? The processes described as vampiric by the vampire community don't seem dependent on any popular conception of the vampire. At least not the energetic practices.

Yes it would but under a different name.  And you're correct that the processes has nothing to do with popular fiction but because of the name most people are confused about that and make preconceived notions of their own.  

I agree with this...I have been following this thread and the comments made do point to a condition or actually a few conditions that can be easily remedied.  To use this label - vampire - interferes with those remedies being realized.  Also, the use of the label seems to glorify these conditions making them something an individual might seek out instead of seeing them something to be 'cured'.

Mainstream medicine is not the way to go.  For the food sensitivities I would suggest a good nutritionist or an ayurvedic practitioner.  Either one could address the sensitivity to the sun.

As for the energy feeding - while it may make you feel good now, in the long run, it will not work.  Your body is designed to work with your energy and there are simple methods of increasing the energy.  I also suspect you feel better when in a group simply because you are connecting to others and perhaps helping others.

However, go with vampire if you choose.  It is not a solution.

I've tried all types of diets, vitamins, and herbal remedies, in addition to mainstream medicine.

Have you worked on the underlying emotional issues?

Ok, I have a question(s).  I am told that a psi vamp requires "a certain quality" of energy to maintain health and energy. I am told that a psi cannot produce this "quality" of  energy, or "energy signature" for his or her self and must get it from others.  I am told that every psi vamp is different in the "energy signature" that s/he needs. From the information that I got (which was not as much as I would have liked), it sounds like the energies that psis require can only be obtained from people.

Is this true?

What about people who hyper-interact with the ambient environment/atmosphere, seeming to "drain" it, (as opposed to a more acceptable rate of interaction to those who share the immediate environment with this kind of person.  After all, we all interact with our environment energetically.),

Can those who drain the ambient environment as opposed to obtaining their energy from people directly also be considered psi vamps?

If so, where does the line get drawn between natural interaction with the environment and being a psi?

Thank you Rose for addressing my question.

If so, where does the line get drawn between natural interaction with the environment and being a psi?


This would be the biggest question for me.... would it be as simple as a need vs a 'want'?

How does the energy transfer between vamps and donors work compared to the natural energy tapping that happens with everyone?

Thanks for asking Ms.Pouncer,  I didn't want to seem pushy, but I also have this question.


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