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Ran across this website the other day.  Their focus is anthropology but with a more humanistic approach.

What Did Ancient Romans Do Without Toilet Paper?

We’ve all been caught unawares by our digestive tract at one time or another.

It happened to the Nash family several months ago. We were nearing the end of an extended road trip, driving down a secondary highway through a sparsely populated area of Colorado at night, when one of my 9-year-old twin sons had to use the bathroom. Despite my pleading, he said he couldn’t make it to the next town. (He had to poop.) So we pulled over and headed for the bushes. After he took care of his business, we realized that we didn’t have toilet paper with us.

The whole dramatic episode got me thinking, and for the next couple of hours, I pondered toilet paper and the cultural nature of bathroom routines. (Cut me some slack. It was a long drive.)

What Our Skeletons Say About the Sex Binary

Society increasingly accepts gender identity as existing along a spectrum. The study of people, and their remains, shows that sex should be viewed the same way.

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Did you use leaves for your son?  That what the ancients would have used if caught out in the country.

Always have kleenex or toilet paper in the car, not just when traveling with children.  My sister and I were going to an outdoor music festival.  When it ended, we and what seemed like 10,000 other people left the venue and we were stuck in traffic for 3 hours just trying to get out of the area.  After a hot day of listening to music, we'd drunk a lot of liquids....and all that fluid was telling us it needed to exit our bladders.  Traffic was not moving and we were in a business district.  Not a bathroom around for half a mile or more.  We talked about jumping out to go behind a tree, but it was a BUSINESS district. Nowhere to hide, plenty of people in cars all around us.   We made it home, but it was a close shaver.  Have carried TP in my car ever since.

From the article:

that there is nothing inherently female about the X chromosome...

Well, yes there is.  Females are healthier genetically speaking because women DO have a backup.  If men have a genetic defect on the X of their XY makeup, then they suffer the effects of it.  If women have a genetic defect on one of the X of their XX makeup, the body still has a backup X chromosome to take up the duties of malfunction gene sequence on the other X.   That's how evolution made females and why the human race is basically female dominated with their sturdier and more dependable chromosomal makeup while men are created from the female template, so to speak, but without a backup.

And being narrow hipped doesn't mean a woman's pelvic girdle is like a man's.  She will still have a several defining features that differ from a man's pelvis, otherwise she couldn't pass an children through her body.

"Did you use leaves for your son?"

That's what I always use in a pinch after pinching a loaf.

 The ancients used leaves, stones, wool, and some times corn cobs and cloth depending on time period and culture


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