I have been watching and reading a lot about the BS that goes on around the country with the Gov. , police issues, etc; ( I must say that PS has given me more info) and I have to ask the question.... could using black magick against these people that call themselves "good" and "in power" be an answer to some of the country's problems? In a way this goes along the same lines as the show "Salem" and it won't work like on TV but what about using egregores, curses, etc. to affect changes in the world at large. Black magick is too often about what the magician experiences within themselves without ever touching on the outer world to cause changes for our and others benefit.

        This is a little bit of a plug for my second book but what about gathering in covens and groups to work magick on a larger scale, rather than for "religious observance?" I know that a lot of people have said that they are solitary online and I understand as magick is very personal but could we, as pagans and witches, use magick to make changes in the world at large? Obviously it will require a lot of effort and energy, but, I think with a little time, and that may be all that we have as a country, it could be possible to raise more energy in a group setting, target a certain issue, person, etc. within our area or whatever and send some really bad shit their way, and keep track of the possible progress of the working through the media.

     I know that a lot of you are going to post things about Karma recoiling at us and having compassion for people that might be in the way, but the truth is, no changes have ever been made in human history without some blood shed and innocent people dying. The people in the gov. don't care about karma or innocent people, they only care about money. This is the REAL problem in our society. I keep seeing posts and news about the crashing  economy, but the truth is, the money is there, its just being hoarded by the rich and those in a "position of power or fame." Look at the media over what rich and famous person is buying what super expensive, house, car, boat, etc. I don't mind telling you that I have had a couple of successes with curses in the last six years, but if we were to target something less local for each of us, it would take more energy, hence the group working/coven idea.

I want to see a better world for my children to grow up in, and the way this country is going worries me for their future. If you really think about it, it may be the only way. If you protest or do other physical things, you chance being arrested, which is just another stupid way for the gov. to take your money, which hurts your whole family.  Policy makers, even if they were decent people with good intentions at the start, are corrupted by the imagined power over others through money. Maybe they need to fall in ways, that are not understood by the mainstream public! What would the country do and how much would it change, if gov. positions were considered "cursed?"

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I've got an extension ladder

I've a map.

@ Kixs -- so who's the group in Texas, I cant read it on my screen.


It's just mostly a bunch of solitaries that have heard on the grape vine what we are up to and have joined. We keep in touch threw e-mail, tweeter, skype and what have ya. I know there are about 75 or more around Texas that I know of but we don't keep list and such so I'm sure there are more I just don't know about them personally.

It kind of happens like it did in this conversation someone says they are in and we give them subject, time/date and it's up to them to contact us again if they want to continue or not. Absolutely nothing formal, most who participate have a diversion to covens or groups in general and like the freedom to use whatever magic they are comfortable with.

DEFINE what you call Black Magick.witches/Pagans DO use magick,spellworkings,rituals,daily to input in their personal World,also on a local,state and National level many times.The power of using the energies to get results,isnt a color,it is the intent of the spellcaster,how well they do it and getting results desired.

Good song!

That's all I got for this thread, lol

Just paint it black.

I agree with some of the issues you bring up but not whole heartedly. I have always been under the impression that we (pagans, wiccans, shamans) are amongst the most powerful beings that exist because we are aware of our power and we know how to use it properly however I also question if we are the most powerful beings why do we allow horrible things to happen. We can change the world and the joining coven idea is fantastic and I would love for that to occur in the next few years. I do feel though that the government would retaliate as with everything else. Maybe not send bad energy that way because of the universal law but more along the lines of causing them to expose themselves or even us exposing them in front of everyone. We put them there and we can sure as heck take them out of power. What people don't realize is that we have the strength in numbers! The many vs the few. I feel there is a revolution in the horizon! brothers and sisters we must unite!! 

Personally in my honest opinion, I wouldn't worry about all of that/them going on. Instead, I would work on myself and then bring forth what I learn to help others.

What you put out into the universe, is what the universe gives. I believe there are too many sheep out there putting out fear, anger, ignorance and stupidity to remedy what is happening. I'd say go for it but be very careful with your words and your intentions. I'd be very cautious of how you practice, I've done some pretty dark stuff in the past, it always bites me in the ass.  I do believe however, Justice does get served with the right tools. 
On another note, MONEY ONLY "exists" because mankind created "value" of rocks by putting a number over it. Then that got expensive  and now we have paper and coins. Not that we keep much of it cuz it ALL goes back to the same people who have control over it.
If we would get back to the village that'd be nice. Grow our food, make our clothes, work as a unite together. Instead of being greedy over things like, land, oil, money, power and of course "religion" 

Human Kind will get what it deserves eventually. Maybe all of us will exterminate every last human being. Maybe some of us pagan folk will be the one surviving. I do know those who support t he green party are going door to door, they came to my house the other day. If anyone is fighting it will be those who are awake and aware. 

just my two cents.

those entities are protected by a certain witch.
You dont need a big group to have the energy to lay a spell on some one in a seat og power..
Heck i seen a single witch with purple Colored magic take out an entire town.
I seen a witch run a factory with magic for the sole purpose of separating the blood of humans .
I dont know why she needed so much fresh blood.
But i want to tell you that the ones who run the show are far more powerfull than your average witch or sorcerer. .
They have knowledge wich has been passed down traditionally , moslty knowledge on how to manipulate . but they do have connections to the witches of the from the previous world wich has been moslty forgotten


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