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     I have been watching and reading a lot about the BS that goes on around the country with the Gov. , police issues, etc; ( I must say that PS has given me more info) and I have to ask the question.... could using black magick against these people that call themselves "good" and "in power" be an answer to some of the country's problems? In a way this goes along the same lines as the show "Salem" and it won't work like on TV but what about using egregores, curses, etc. to affect changes in the world at large. Black magick is too often about what the magician experiences within themselves without ever touching on the outer world to cause changes for our and others benefit.

        This is a little bit of a plug for my second book but what about gathering in covens and groups to work magick on a larger scale, rather than for "religious observance?" I know that a lot of people have said that they are solitary online and I understand as magick is very personal but could we, as pagans and witches, use magick to make changes in the world at large? Obviously it will require a lot of effort and energy, but, I think with a little time, and that may be all that we have as a country, it could be possible to raise more energy in a group setting, target a certain issue, person, etc. within our area or whatever and send some really bad shit their way, and keep track of the possible progress of the working through the media.

     I know that a lot of you are going to post things about Karma recoiling at us and having compassion for people that might be in the way, but the truth is, no changes have ever been made in human history without some blood shed and innocent people dying. The people in the gov. don't care about karma or innocent people, they only care about money. This is the REAL problem in our society. I keep seeing posts and news about the crashing  economy, but the truth is, the money is there, its just being hoarded by the rich and those in a "position of power or fame." Look at the media over what rich and famous person is buying what super expensive, house, car, boat, etc. I don't mind telling you that I have had a couple of successes with curses in the last six years, but if we were to target something less local for each of us, it would take more energy, hence the group working/coven idea.

I want to see a better world for my children to grow up in, and the way this country is going worries me for their future. If you really think about it, it may be the only way. If you protest or do other physical things, you chance being arrested, which is just another stupid way for the gov. to take your money, which hurts your whole family.  Policy makers, even if they were decent people with good intentions at the start, are corrupted by the imagined power over others through money. Maybe they need to fall in ways, that are not understood by the mainstream public! What would the country do and how much would it change, if gov. positions were considered "cursed?"

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What you see happening in the world is nothing new.

This has always been going on.

People have been working to try and stop the evil and arrogance and power plays that go on and on and on in our world.  Sadly, it appears there will always be selfish and sick people wanting to control others.  All we can do is try to limit the damage they do and try to force them into impotence.

Why black magic particularly?  Just use magic, use prayer, use sacrifices, use social work, use political activism, use social media.

It can't hurt and can only help.

My two cents, I'll try and keep it short:

Should something be done more globally and broad?  Absolutely.

Should it be black magic?  Probably not, at least for me.

I lean more towards volunteer groups, getting jobs that allow you to influence the change in things, etc. 

Although, now that I think about it, why not both?  If that's your thing.  

At this point, caring and trying to change (minus the riots and idiocy) is better than complacency.

Magic is colorless.

Agreed. Magic is a reflection of the user. Its a tool we use for various purposes.

My ex and I used to wonder about the possibility that the people in power were secretly occultists, using ritual and magic to gain money and influence the world. If they do, I seriously doubt their magic is "white" and I highly doubt they ultimately believe in any 3fold or karma belief.

    @ Barry -- yes magic is colorless, I was just making the distinction, about  intent to harm.

   @ Aurelia --  WHY BLACK MAGIC PARTICULARLY? many pagans and in particular wiccans don't like using darker magic, again, making the distinction of harmful intent.

       ALL WE CAN DO IS TRY TO LIMIT THE DAMAGE THEY DO AND TRY TO FORCE THEM INTO IMPOTENCE.    Is that like spiritual salt peter? LOL! and an ass kicking!

I'm glad to see that others consider things the way I do. I have a thing about attracting people that don't like to use their energy, although its clear that they have the capability upon meeting them. Like they are in denial of what goes on within themselves or their inner spirit. I think I've heard it called a natural addiction or maybe a practitioners addiction in sorcery. Won't be my first bad addiction...LOL!

@ Claudia -- Anything is better than complacency! Absolutely!

@ Joel -- Bindings are a good idea its a matter of making them stick long enough to remove the person or the problem. My efforts at binding have taught me that it wears off after awhile as we move on to other things. 

Some of us already the way not just ill intent magic but all magic. Do you really think folks all of a sudden decided gay was okay about ten years ago on their If you want to join in we are working on the Tea Party bunch of looney's right now.

Cool Rose, but there has been a change in the bill, seems the group in Texas really wants to zap Rick Perry...can't blame them myself and seeing everyone had their own "not so favorite tea party candidate" and we couldn't agree on which on specifically but we could all agree that Perry was well a freak so he's the one we are working against. Seems the group in Texas has already been working on him and asked we helped out and everyone has agreed.

So if your still in Sept. 9 2014 at 1:38 a.m UT is when we are set to go. Spell of your choice.

Actually there are like 35 registered federal political parties in the U.S...and about 7 that are active as of this election year of 2014. Active meaning someone running under that party heading.

Personally, I would feel uncomfortable with this.

Whose definition are we going by here?


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