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For the past two years I have been acting as an agent for Genocide Watch International and, being a South African, am in the "fortunate" position of being able to render weekly reports to the organization concerning the on-going genocide of the Whites in this country.
This has made me somewhat unpopular with the Marxist regime in power here. The last thing they want is for the truth of these murders to leak out to the International community. Death threats and warnings have been rained upon me with ever increasing monotony. The last one received was on Saturday in which I was warned that, should I send any more reports "they" would make sure that all communication with the outside world would become a thing of the past for me.
This morning I sent the weekly report of the 17 farm murders, committed over the weekend, through as usual. Within ten minutes my account at FaceBook was revoked, sans any explanation.

This leads me to believe that FaceBook is, di facto, more interested in bending the knee to terrorist regimes for financial reasons that what it is in protecting the right of the world to hear the truth. Could this not become a very dangerous problem for non-Christians on said Site in a fundamentalist Christian/Islamic dominated government? Will non-Abrahamic theists (Pagans), atheists and Pantheists find themselves in dire straights when airing their views on a Site such as FaceBook?
What are your views?   

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Oh, don't get me wrong my dear. I LOVE the attention I get from these bureaucrats. The apartheid regime tried to hang me and this new bunch are trying to shoot me. Never a dull moment. LOL

Bear in mind that the International community has taken cognisance of the fact that the so-called President of SA stood on  a podium during a public gathering and bellowed "Kill the boer {farmer} and burn the Whites."
This same President stood in front of the Dutch Parliament and laughed at their concerns over the genocide being committed by his thugs claiming that the killing of Whites was nothing more than a misdemeanour, in his words "nothing more than normal crime."
The ANC makes no secret that it targets any and all that oppose it.  

How do you normally contact Genocide Watch?

Hi Karen. I have several ways. The most common is by E-mail.

Ah, so the main method of communication is not via FB.

What does G.W.I. do with the information it gathers?

Quite correct Karen. I never use FB as a means of communication with the G.W.I. FaceBook have a "search-bot" active on their Site that reports any use of the letters "ANC", or "A.N.C.", immediately. These reports go straight to a "Private" Group on FB titled "African National Congress Security". 

The G.W.I. sends this information through to the U.N. General Assembly's genocide monitoring Commission and the I.C.C. after evaluating the accuracy of the report(s).

This leads me to believe that FaceBook is, di facto, more interested in bending the knee to terrorist regimes for financial reasons that what it is in protecting the right of the world to hear the truth.

Get real. It's Facebook.

Why not just start a blog?  I'm subscribed to the Mex Files, which is a blog dedicated to reporting on corruption within Mexico. 

Why are you so willing to be a cashcow for Facebook?  Maybe you're the one bending eh Peter?

LOL. Hi there Allison. Long time no talk.

I be Warlock my dear. I bend the knee to none. I was simply interested in discovering the views of the people here on PS. They are usually straight shooters. This was simply an exercise in the acquisition of knowledge.
As for the proverbial crucifixion of said enterprise? I have far better things to do with my time my dear. I have a war to fight and a MEG to build. MUCH more interesting.    

Well you know me, I don't always take the bait.  I'd be willing to bet that the majority of users here have a Facebook account ;)  Just sayin'

Yes indeed my dear.
My actual question was not whether FB was involved in politics per se but rather what the members here felt about any potential threat on a religious front that could arise from FB being prone to "kiss ass".

I think like any Enterprise, it's only interest is in its bottom-line. See: Facebook Politics

Agreed thus, although predictable, a potential threat.

Farm Murder - Suspect sought by police


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