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For the past two years I have been acting as an agent for Genocide Watch International and, being a South African, am in the "fortunate" position of being able to render weekly reports to the organization concerning the on-going genocide of the Whites in this country.
This has made me somewhat unpopular with the Marxist regime in power here. The last thing they want is for the truth of these murders to leak out to the International community. Death threats and warnings have been rained upon me with ever increasing monotony. The last one received was on Saturday in which I was warned that, should I send any more reports "they" would make sure that all communication with the outside world would become a thing of the past for me.
This morning I sent the weekly report of the 17 farm murders, committed over the weekend, through as usual. Within ten minutes my account at FaceBook was revoked, sans any explanation.

This leads me to believe that FaceBook is, di facto, more interested in bending the knee to terrorist regimes for financial reasons that what it is in protecting the right of the world to hear the truth. Could this not become a very dangerous problem for non-Christians on said Site in a fundamentalist Christian/Islamic dominated government? Will non-Abrahamic theists (Pagans), atheists and Pantheists find themselves in dire straights when airing their views on a Site such as FaceBook?
What are your views?   

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The Griekwastad AWB farm murder hoax

Gill Moodie
08 April 2014
Gill Moodie on how rapidly a false claim can go viral in the age of Twitter

It was the most bizarre story of 2013: a right-wing female farmer awaiting trial for treason claimed from inside prison that she had been part of a hit squad that killed the Steenkamp family in Griekwastad the year before in an attempt to heighten fears among farmers about farm killings and to incite racial hatred.

The October interview with Cornelia de Wet, a member of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), was a scoop for the Kimberley daily newspaper, the Diamond Fields Advertiser - and it quickly made it on to parent companyIndependent Newspapers' news portal, IOL. From there it took off across social media, particularly the fast-moving Twitter - and was tweeted not just by the likes of controversial Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr but by respected commentators and journalists too.

"I still can't wrap my mind over the evil of that AWB story. But the ideology of the AWB is evil anyway," tweeted commentator Khaya Dlanga, for instance, while comedian Trevor Noah tapped out: "Ex Awb member admits to killing farm owners for money and to create fear & racial hatred. Disgusting". 


Yes indeed. I do remember that story VERY well. What the "hoax" failed to mention is that the perpetrator was never a member of the AWB. Application forms to join the newly formed EFF were, however, discovered in her home.

Think they were planted there?

Seems to me, like most 'conspiracies' there are people invested in spreading the idea that genocide of White Africans is motivated by government.  The reality?  It's a gobeldey-g*** of facts and fictions.

Well, I can assure you that there are most definitely non-government entities that are very interested in exaggerating the facts. These entities are usually weapon sellers, self defence "trainers", security companies as well as insurance salesmen.
The fact of the matter is that over 6 500 White farmers HAVE been murdered over the past 10 years for one reason only - the colour of their skin. All the killers apprehended thus far have all been coupled to the ANC and have used as excuse the call of their various leaders to kill the Whites.
Bear in mind that we are talking about 6 500 out of a total of 43 000 White farmers. We have not even begun to count the murders in towns and cities.

As to the application forms being "planted" there. Who knows? Quite possible. 

These entities are usually weapon sellers, self defence "trainers", security companies as well as insurance salesmen. 

Right, and anyone else who can profit from it.  Crime happens, sure.  I just don't think that it's as mass spread as these reports would lead the public to believe.

One of the most compelling repetitive statements in all of the reports, is the drop in private agriculture vs. commercial.  We get the same b.s. here too, a mix of facts and fictions.


U.S. Bureau of Land Management isn't done with this guy.  Just because they backed-off now (because of the attention its getting) doesn't mean this guy won't be forced to take his cattle elsewhere.

Bundy, whose family has operated a ranch since the 1870s southwest of Mesquite a few miles from the Utah line, does not recognize federal authority on the land that he insists belongs to Nevada.

He can insist all he likes, if the Feds produce the proofs he's out.

In 1998, BLM secured the first of a series of court orders that found Bundy's cattle in trespass, rejecting his argument the land in an area known as Gold Butte belonged to the state.

BLM filed a new complaint in U.S. court in Las Vegas in May 2012 seeking an injunction to prevent what it called Bundy's continued trespassing, and Judge Lloyd George issued another order last July authorizing the agency to impound the cattle.

Thing is, people can hate on the BLM till the cows come home (literally) if they've gone through all the legal processes required by Law, this Rancher will be treated like a Squatter and his Cattle will be sold off to recoup legal fees and court costs.

While it seems all INFOWARS it's not, it's pretty cut and dry.  Had one of this guy's kids not been zapped, no one would have cared.  Business as usual.

"...I just don't think that it's as mass spread as these reports would lead the public to believe."
I'm in the dark as to which reports you refer my dear but, in all likelihood, if they are reports designed for public scrutiny they WOULD be exaggerated indeed.  


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