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Blessings All,

I'm Silver Bird, and I live in Colorado. I was kinda wondering if any one could help me out, give me some insight intuition...

So I go down to the pool, and get in the hot tub, and there's this girl there looking at the streets with some kind of head phones on.

Finally she comes over to me, puts them on me and it's meditation music, and she seems really enlightened

So we're talking about the universe and all that, and it's cool. She kisses me on the cheek then I kiss her on the cheek and all that

Then we're talking about energy, and I bring up the word magick, and she hates magick, so she's telling me she doesn't like things evil like that, it's destructive, and I'm trying to explain to her it's just energy, it's neither good or bad.

So then we're talking and we're looking at the street smoking a cigarette, and she wanted to see if I could feel her energy, so then she gets upset, then tells me to grab a pinky with her pinky, then she gets mad and says give it back, and I'm like what

She then says I took her energy there, and not to my knowledge I didn't, so she has me do it two more times and keeps claiming I took her energy, and the next two times I actually sent her energy just incase, and still

So then she's like I can't tell if you're good or bad, and I'm like I'm sorry...

So then we're talking about trees and how their all alive, and I bring up a theory from an old friend that trees are former spirits that need to be grounded

And then she's like it's hard to have a conversation with me, all that because I'm a know it all, and I was like I'm not trying to be, just saying things I believe?

So she walks away, I walk away, I'm feeling kind of sad, like what did I do, but w.e

Then I look up at the moon and I say, so what was the point of that to teach me I'm a bad person.

This is really weighing on me tonight, um I kinda need intuitive thoughts, is it me, was I wrong, or what did I do, and like I really don't know what the point of that was. The universe is trying to teach me I'm some terrible person? like what the heck

thank you all for listening, and feel free to be honest, if i'm some bad person let me know

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It doesn't sound as if you were a bad person. You are reflecting through what happened so it is more likely that you are a good person. Do you know how to get in touch with her to talk about it again? Or can you ask a mutual friend on what she thinks? It sounds like you like her but maybe she is just upset about something else at the moment. Maybe she misunderstood something.

My take on the situation is you can meet some women who are there to teach and to have listened to as you said 'And then she's like it's hard to have a conversation with me, all that because I'm a know it all, and I was like I'm not trying to be, just saying things I believe?'

She is on a very different journey to you and you came into contact with a more evolved soul and can be especially difficult to deal with because she sees everything before it comes out of your mouth and sometimes they can be overwhelmed by what they know so it comes across as rude and mean-spirited. It wasn't anything you did she recognised you as a kindred spirit only she had things to teach you which unfortunately you thought was a conversation of equals which it wasn't.

If there is a lesson to learn sometimes it's better to listen, than to share what you know or believe. 

Don't worry about it, we are all different.

I think this girl was drawn to you for some reason, but when she got to know you a little it caused a strong reaction within her. A reaction she had not expected and was unprepared for. Because of this she became confused, then scared, then angry. I think her behaviour towards you is the result of her own inner turmoil at how you presented yourself.

When men meet women they like, they subconcisly look for ways to impress them. They think it makes them appear wise, cleaver etc. when what they actually look like is a big head or a burbling idiot. You might have come across to her in that way.

Is this real or a dream?

Was she stoned?

Were you both stoned?

Any woman who sees a complete stranger in a - private pool?  Public pool?  Hotel pool? - and goes to him and starts snogging him has problems.  I wouldn't give any credence to her claims.

It sounds like she might have borderline personality disorder, bro. I could be wrong.


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