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A radical article about the hazards of being exposed to too much news appeared in The Guardian nearly three years ago.  Written by Swiss author and businessman Rolf Dobelli, the article put forth the following assertions:


  • News misleads.
  • News is irrelevant.
  • News has no explanatory power.
  • News is toxic to your body.
  • News increases cognitive errors.
  • News inhibits thinking.
  • News works like a drug.
  • News wastes time.
  • News makes us passive.
  • News kills creativity.


You can read Dobelli's reasons for each of these assertions, in depth, by clicking on the link below:


Within four days, a rebuttal swiftly came from Danny Rubin, American actor and celebrity blogger for the Huffington Post.  Rubin asserted the following:


  • News makes us informed citizens.
  • News keeps us safe in emergencies.
  • News broadens our worldview.
  • News teaches critical thinking.
  • News improves our writing.
  • News is full of leadership lessons.
  • News is a trove of career advice.
  • News gives us a front-row seat to history.
  • News is our collective watercooler.


You can read Rubin's reasons for each of these assertions, in depth, by clicking on the link below:


So, what say you?  In our modern information society, is the barrage of news prevalent everywhere -- from websites to social media, from print to broadcasting -- making people dumber or smarter? 

Please have a look at both articles, before giving your answer. ;)

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not even worth shit.......

it all depends on ..

1. source of the news.

2. who is presenting the news.

3.  HOW it is presented. 

4. why it is presented.

news is seldom reported without bias.  

most news is set as a panacea or control..  or to put forward or support an idea..or concept.

for instance. 

a tree was chopped down yesterday..

depending on WHO reports as to what it means.

wood industry... a positive for the wood industry..

conservation..  another oxygen maker gone.

fox news.  the liberals killed it. 

animal news: another home destroyed today . many homeless.

DRyad action network.. another one of our sisters was killed today.

conspiracy network:   the tree was a fake . it really was a transformed fish.. that was spying for the government.

christian news:   another blow for less ability to build crosses.

aliens.. another one of our invaders was killed today

HA! Love it! I don't think any reply on this thread can top this one...

i completely agree! LOL at Fox news.

lol and then a week later you find out that a tree wasn't cut down at all..What really happened was that lightning struck an unused telephone poll.
It's been so long since I've actually seen any news. And I have a newspaper subscription, Internet, and cable. Lots of opinions, lots of reporting of what other peoples opinions are and what they want your's to be. The 24 hr broadcast channel competition was the death of news reporting.

"Celebrity Blogger for Huffpo" , that pretty much sums up the problem in a nutshell.

Theres one simple thing you can try, don't watch the television news for a solid year,..then at the end of it, see how differently you feel then.,  you may notice you start to look at life a bit differently, and be concerned with that which is of the most Importance to you personally , I know people that have tried that, they say they feel way better.  And love that they are seeing world bit differently and focused on what they wanna be focused on more.  Just a suggestion.

I haven't watched the television news in years.  I've been pretty much getting my news from The Economist online.

I would also like to add that it depends on what you're reading. Are you reading the crime/political section or are you reading the science/activist/religious/etc. section? Different sections will also produce different emotions and depending upon what you read, can be good or bad for you. All news is informational regardless of who is reporting it. Even if all you get is "the liberals did it" you at least know where they stand.

Funny, I don't turn to Huffington Post or The Guardian for news. I think some people spend too much time watching cable news networks and reading opinion pieces. I think moderation is key, also, being able to tell what is objective and what is subjective.

On the rare occasion they have a story about something in science or technology, it is given in very broad and simple phrases, as if the viewer couldn't possibly understand what the smart people were up to.

It's worth a subscription to The Economist just for their Science and Technology section.

I bet you'd enjoy Phil Plait's  I know I do.

btw,  have a couple of anagram aliases.  Your name just compelled me, and I couldn't resist. :)


Wilhelm Ironmajiks

Ironhawk Jim Mills

=  William John Remski


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