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Being able to regress past lives,not technically your own. Let me explain,my great grandmother,told me often how much I resembled her husband. I was maybe 17,at the time. Soon after,she showed a picture of my great grandfather whom I have never met,and we looked the same,only difference was our hair. I went home and thought how I would have liked to have known him. So thinking about this, I regressed myself,looking in myself for the parts of me that came from him. I knew he died when I was and infant,so no past life regression,but rather a genetic one. The idea worked,but not quite as planned ... I experienced my great grandmother 's life some aspects,or memories,those strongest in her of her husband and their life together. I experienced,witnessed things that were never told to any family. When next I saw here, I told her what I witnessed,but explained it as being a dream. My great grandmother said those things did happen as I saw. She also said she was happy the sight was past on to me.sorry if this seems sloopy,the typing,and such,I am not very good with technology. But is there a name for this,genitic regression?

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I've heard from some people in-the-know some of what's on is fabricated, and isn't always reliable.  Definitely check out your genealogy, though.  There are alot of libraries with records of such.  I hear the Mormons, for whatever reason, have a wealth of genealogy records.

I have had family members that tried, they tend to run into dead ends. My family tends to be secretive. Only when someone is very ill,and fears they will die do they tell their secrets. All my grandparents are passed,and I found out after that,I was told more family history than their children. I know some history,but its like a joke. How does this good, some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I know broad things,no specific details.
In most cases,my family has,for different reasons altered or changed their identities. Some of the living family know why,sometimes we are,living family are only told secrets when another older family member is on their deathbed. The members of my family that have used have always reached dead ends. We are unable to get complete picture of the family tree. We have only stories,or whispered legends.

Call it what you want. It is what it is, your ancestral connection.

Its a genetic memory wich stems from the souls memory.
The genetic connection must of helped in finding the memory's.
"You must of some karma to reincarnate, in the same family as your previous life"

I call it them moment of awareness.
I don't know about the karma part. It is... strange. Its like the same genes came back together, or close to the same genes. The very first past life regression I had done on me ,that's what I was told. All ones after gave me confirmation. Eventually I learned to regress others,then myself. I wanted to find a site like this to talk with people,about some of these things. Most of the time, I have a hard time explaining things, I am lacking in the vocabulary,when it comes to pagan things. My family is .. I don't know weird,antisocial,introverted,lots of hypocrites. I know more of family history then my parents. What I have discovered,basically my grandparents,passed as Christian. My parents never were told their pagan roots.
For some reason,to access living male family is very difficult,almost impossible.
I do not know if there are names for that, but I do know about plural/singular verbs and plural/singular nouns and a little about grammar.
Very funny,yes I do need to work on that,thank you for reminding me.


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