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Hi all! I have always been afraid of the spiritual realm and shut myself off to it in my teens. I have spent time learning and attempting to reopen that part of my life. This morning I woke up and everything felt different. I felt calm, serene. As I looked around I realized everything looked different. The only thing I could compare it to is way back when I did lsd and everything seemed to breathe. The walls, the floor, everything seemed alive. I immediately felt I must be awakening. I stared past my daughter to try and see her aura and I saw a glowing white cloud around the top of her head.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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You're not still on drugs, are you?

LOL no, I have not done drugs for many years, 11 years.

I think it can be. I think it can be uniquely different for every individual one of us. Maybe a strange entity identifying itself as an Egyptian deity descends on you and makes you write a book. Maybe the world starts to breathe and feel alive in a new way and you see it all so very differently and can see what appear to be auras now. "Awakening" is more about what you feel inside as I understand it. Any experience at all can wake someone up to this strange and fascinating side of the world. If you feel "awake" now then yes, yes I think it is. =)

You could use the term awakening now, but whatever you wish to call the experience is good enough. You now own it.

It is time to begin a practice of regular meditation and to learn a meditation technique if you do not already know one. Meditation tends to guarantee that your spiritual experience will be repeated, but if you do not have a spiritual practice it can be a once in a life-time event.

Absolutely this. It's even fun in a way, looking into different ways of meditating and the different associated traditions. While I'm still very new to all this myself of course, I think some of the best advice I got regarding meditation was if it feels uncomfortable or not a good fit then that's not the style for you, you should find something that feels natural and relaxed because frankly your meditations won't be very fruitful if you're worried about how bad it hurts your butt or what have you. lol

*If* you choose a path of meditation...

And *do not* believe anyone if they tell you

that is the only way , or even the "best" way...

Be aware walking can be a meditation , dancing ,

martial arts...standing in the wind , or by the ocean...

These are all forms of meditation...

Also realize , awakening , enlightenment , nirvana ,

are only the *beginning* of a long path , just like any

initiation into any tradition is...

Any who tell you different are full of shit...just being honest ;

I love what a Native American Elder said to me about 23 years ago :

"So you woke up...what are you going to do now" ?

By the way , taking drugs , or not taking drugs , meditation , nor no

meditation , is all individual , and each of us has our own lock and

key to higher consciousness if we even choose to call it that...

We are all wired at a base level , with the same program , yet the key

for each of us in the vast probability matrix cannot be told to you by anyone...

We may each offer you our own experiences , beliefs , reality tunnels...

But they ultimately are ours , or what we have chosen , or been indoctrinated

with , by another individual , or group...

Just remember this , and realize this is my imprinting...

Awareness and Consciousness are two different things...

One deals with feeling , embodiment , and sensory experience...

One deals with mind , neural programming , and abstracted possibility...

One must integrate both to attain true awakening , even on a base level ,

let alone what comes after...may your journey lead you to your desired answer !

One of my great mentors :

His polio returned in his later years...he died about 2007 , in Freedom , California...

( of course )

Well stated Shawn.

I relate to your experience. I would say that you take it as a learning experience. A clue and something to not be reckless with. The craziest stuff I've seen has had no drugs involved. Don't make it too much or too little. =p

One of my favorite meditations is taking a shower to release tensions and visualize those tensions going from head to toe-one by one going down the drain. I talk about meditation a lot and avoid the obvious ones-there are those of us who cant get around for physical reasons.


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