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I have another question! lol

I am making I-Spy bottles for each of my sons' teachers for Yule/Xmas gifts. I'm using a 2 liter pop bottle, filling it with rice...and then I don't know what to put in it. I'm seeing cloth and vinyl games on Etsy and whatnot, and they list 30-50 items in each game. I have lots of different little beads, but not enough to make 30. What's a good number of items for a 2 liter bottle?


I appreciate any help you can provide :)



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It's a bottle filled with rice or those white pvc pellets and you put in small items and shake it up and let the kids try to see what they "Spy" while shaking the bottle. It's kinda like WHere's Waldo, but no Waldo, lol. I'm gonna include a "key" so that the teachers know what is in the bottle and can help the students.

I have a bag of buttons to go through tomorrow, hopefully I can find like 5 or so unique ones to add. It wouldn't be so bad, but I have to make 2 of them, lol. I have 15 items for each already set aside, and I just found my bag of decorative broken colored glass shards (for candles and whatnot), so I'm gonna see if I have any small enough pieces for that. I wish I lived closer to civilization, but I'm 80 miles away from even the nearest Walmart, let alone a craft store :(


I'm thinking of charging a rose quartz for each bottle, giving them that extra little magickal "bump" lol.

If I get desperate enough I have some stickers that I could put on cardstock. cut out, and then put into the bottles. They're Lisa Frank and shiny, should keep a Kindergartener and 1st grader's attentions.


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