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This is a very recent example of what is happening

since Trump became president...a divided nation...

Not a United States , nor a state of affairs I endorse...

No Wonder The Gods Are Crazy

Excuse Me Sir May I Have A Word With You ?

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I must admit, I am watching/listening to less and less of the "so-called" news from any front - it depresses the spirit, and fills the mind with mental shit piles.

You are right Shawn, hate does breed hate, and it is the always the innocents who end up getting hurt the most.  Really sick of it all.

I personally happen to think that it's ignorance that breeds hate.  As evidenced by the KKKlansman in the video in the OP's linked article, pointing at a statue of an iconic Southern Civil War figure and hollering:  "We stood up against oppression! That's what that statue represents!"


The prevailing narrative with such people is that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, and everything to do with States' rights.  The KKKlaners (and their sympathizers) have always seen themselves as the noble defenders of an "oppressed" white population.


It does no good to show them the historical documentation of their own States' issued articles of secession, which specifically state the main reason for secession was to preserve white supremacy.


It does no good to point out to them that the South during the Civil War was actually opposed to States' rights, as evidenced by those Southern States that demanded the Federal Government intervene and suppress the rights of Northern States to offer sanctuary to escaped slaves.  (Read the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.)   


No matter what historical evidence you present to such people, they will defensively come back with: "Well, the North had slaves, too!"  (Kind of like their argument: "Well, look at Hillary!!!")


Yes, it's true that there were areas in the North which still held slaves.  (And Hillary was a flawed candidate, as well.)  But the Civil War wasn't about abolishing slavery – it was about preventing slavery from expanding into the western territories.  There was no doubt that slavery was acknowledged as an evil, but economically necessary institution.  The argument was that the acknowledged evil of slavery should not progress any further than it already had.

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