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This is a very recent example of what is happening

since Trump became president...a divided nation...

Not a United States , nor a state of affairs I endorse...

No Wonder The Gods Are Crazy

Excuse Me Sir May I Have A Word With You ?

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America wlll remain divided as long there is marginalized poor of any race ,women of any race and people of any race of the LGBT community targeted for their proclivities but hey this is a fucked up nation it's by choice supposedly the American people elect these clowns that we put in office as POTUS and in Congress that should have implemented changes to our way of living and to the system which is btw is a real shitty system put in place in the last 4 decades which has been especially declining morally and economically with along the  social fabric of this country while various programs to help the poor are being dismantled but hey that is what 25% of stupid elected for POTUS the last time wanted lol... But right now it's put up or shut up like they say like kind of mentality when dealing with this situation of people of colors and minorities that don't fit the alt-right or white supremacist paradigm of even existing ...I think everyone has a right to their own opinion or whether not to fucking like or dislike one another's spit now if it leads them to violence which crosses the red line in most localities of breaking the law that is their choice to suffer the consequences of their actions whether it be karma or the strong arm of law enforcement.

To sum up my comments: Steve Bannon, the lunatic hobo, driven mad in a Lovecraftian manner by the Bio-Sphere II disaster, called the Charlottesville Nazis “Clowns”. If by clown he was referring to Pennywise of IT fame, then I think it’s an apt metaphor. Don’t allow the sling-stones and arrows to distract you when the people who threw them are reloading in the background.

I'm subscribed to Ben Shapiro's show, The Daily Wire.  I had to go looking for this clip found it on this youtube subscriber's channel.  Worth a gander if you're interested in the "Free Speech vs. Hate Speech" debate.

He's got pictures of Hitler, without his hate he didn't exist, you dig what I'm sayin?

Image result for pics of hitler

I think classifying everything that makes you uncomfortable as hate is the wrong approach. May wa week replace hate with EVIL and we're back to debating a good vs evil false dichotomy.
Why are people always so mad at the wealthy?
There was a lot of dissent when Obama wa elected and he served two terms.

The center has all but collapsed. People are not voting for an analytical solution to the very complex problems that plague the world. They are voting to destroy the establishment.

Trump is just insane. Where some bring a knife to a political fight, Trump brings a flamethrower. You are free disagree with him vehemently, but you are not free to ignore him.

Solutions? A break away from the two-party system. An end to people basing their politics on emotion and treating it like their religion. I don't see any easy way out of this.

The future simply does not bode well. There are too many structural weaknesses in our society. Eventually something has to give way such as the enviromental issues.

Fuck the KKK

Fuck Nazis

Fuck White Nationalists

Fuck Antifa

Fuck BLM

But I would argue that we've been divided before president Trump.  There have been strong evidence for this.  Vernaculis has been around since Jan. 2015.  Many people incl. myself didn't take Trump seriously or ever believed he'll become president.  But you'd hear of stories of Diversity Places where white men are excluded.  Even Thunderf00t made a video of colleges having signs saying, "No White Men Please."   The rise of the alt-right was actually extremely predictable. With people walking wearing clothes saying Fuck White People.  Trump would've never became president if people cooled it with their blatant hatred of White People.  Every action has an equal but opposite reaction.  You can't fight Darkness with Darkness.  Darkness could never drive off darkness.  Only light could do that.  Hatred can't drive out hatred.  Only love can do that. 

Esp. with MTV, Slate, Salon, CNN, and HuffingtonPost doing this to white people or even college campuses.  Why do you think so many people call themselves anti-SJWs?  It's because of things like:


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