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Ok there are plenty of other religions that push their beliefs at you. However I'm wondering if anyone here does the same? It's like like you see a witch or Pagan go out with a book of shadows, knocking on someone's door and saying "Merry Meet, I would like to talk to you about Paganism and My book of shadows." Now seriously I know that NO ONE will EVER really do that, but I'm asking point blank... How many people here honestly around friends or whatever say yeah well being a witch is great.... this is why blah blah blah? Do you PUSH or do you sit back and answer a question or two when asked?

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I really like the fact that you took the time to reply to my discussion first off. I also like the side of how you yourself have promoted Paganism. I don't see a reason to not talk about my faith, but we all have to remember there is a very thin line between talking and pushing.
Wow... I don't think I could imagine my family not knowing... not that they like it being Catholics, but still... to hide this from them would be like hiding myself in my eyes
nice way to put it and thanks for stopping by and putting in your opinion
I agree with you on this one
interesting thanks for your input
Well, as of late I have had to answer many questions about my beliefs. I used to be a part of a very large Christian community and I had stepped away. After about three years my old aquaintances have started asking me questions along the lines of where I have been and what have I been doing with myself. Some will ask where I am going to church now and who my pastor is! Let's just say that some of these discussions get pretty wild! I am fairly calm about the whole thing and I lay out my reason (if I think they will actually listen) as to why I left the church. Many of my so-called friends don't even talk to me now. Their loss! I am still me, even more so now that I have found the path that fits me! For the most part I allow my words and actions to speak for me in regards to my pagan faith. If a person looks and listens closely enough they can figure it out! :-)
Nicely put! You are always still you no matter what... I think that's what makes me laugh about these people that freak like you're someone else when they find out your path
I know! Before I say anything to them they are giving me hugs telling me how much they have missed seeing me, how much we need to get together; just as if nothing has changed... nothing has, I'm still the same people! Once I drop the P word (gasp!) they have actually backed away! LOL Sometimes it makes me laugh; but sometimes it really does hurt.
well I'd try to laugh it off a little, but it does hurt. I can tell you honestly that my family will NEVER look at me the same again. I used to get along with my grandmother... now she hates me and hopes for the day I die so I'm not longer "giving her family a bad name".
I am very sorry to hear that! I have very little of my family left, but I know that they love me, no matter what! My grandma is a vet opinionated woman and she doesn't really understand it all; but she just shrugs and hugs me. She already lost her daughter (my mother) so I think she just want to make sure she and I have a good relationship! Many blessing to you!
If i'm asked an honest question (as opposed to proselytizing), i'll try to answer their question(s) honestly. Education about our faith(s) is one of our greatest tools to avoid harrassment, prejudice, etc.
very true... thanks for taking the time to reply


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