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How many PaganSpace members have ever been to Sirius Rising in New York???

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What's Sirius Rising?
Sirius Rising is a week-long Pagan festival held in rural NY. I went there on my vacation, and I had a blast!!! :)
I've not been there - but friends of mine are the reason the folks aren't allowed to bring their own golf carts to it for on-site transportation.

Frondly, Fern
There were a few golf carts there, but they were Brushwood's. :) (so I did a LOT of walking LOL) They also have another festival going on this week called Starwood. Oberon Zell, Isaac Bonewits, Patricia Telesco, and many others are there
While Sirius Rising has become bigger over the years - Starwood is a HUGE and very crowded festival at Brushwood. With, from what I've heard, constant damn drumming. Yup, gets lots of Big Name Pagans.

Frondly, Fern


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