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The elected clerk who refused to obey the law and give gay people marriage licenses because she was a judgmental Christian, telling them they were sinners - lost her re-election bid. 

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Good for her

Didn't know about it but glad I guess

She is a truly awful person.

She's everything bad you ever heard about Christian evangelicals - selfish, hypocritical, judgmental.  And she's a shitty public servant as well.  

She got jail time for refusing to obey a court order to do her elected job, while continuing to pocket her $80K a year paycheck, paid for by the same taxpayers she refused to serve.

Being an elected official, she couldn't be fired, but COULD be impeached.  But she was an evangelical Republican, and the Kentucky state Congress and governorship is dominated by Republicans.  They didn't even consider impeaching a law breaking public servant who broke her oath and didn't do her job.

Good riddance.


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