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I do :)

I have more then one but start with the one I find most precious and no so private ;)

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Wow nice :)

I've got also a tet on my wrists (possibe trigger?) for scars and a huge flower on my left arm.. I'll upload them... hang on...

Both symbolic, the text to remind myself I don't need self harm anymore and the flower to make ugly scars into something more beauty... I'm not ashamed though when it's hot I wear sleeveless tops ikd I'm a proud warrior and survivor ;)

Moderation / admin team if these last two pics are too explicit, please remove or let me remove them. It's not about showing off. I can't undo the scars only life my life the fullest and never go back to where I was. I hope, though I expect nobody will reply.... if anyone who sees it will find sthrenght from it. That's my messege

That is comletely true :)


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