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Paper: Who in hell is Krampus by SIN_JONES:

It's that time of year!

For fun, download your very own Krampus Paper Toys!!!

(see files at the bottom of the topic)

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I found a website dedicated to the Nackles story: HERE

Hahaha! Excellent!

Hurray! Krampus returns to PS.

You can make your own Krampus ornaments for the Tree.  I made these out of felt, no-sew, just a bit of glue and bam!

Did I see Anthony bourdain in the credits at the end of krampus???
Yep. His name shows up in a lot of stuff. He sorta reminds me of Krampus anyway!
Hell yeah, he ought to do a show on saturnalian food traditions from around the world dressed like krampus.
Or solstice traditional foods.

Grimm used Krampus on last night's show.  Rather impressive, I must say...

Is this a tv series?   This image seems to blend Santa/Krampus together.  Great costuming but it appears to be a more modern adaptation.

Yes, it is a TV series. A rather entertaining one in my opinion. In this episode, Krampus kidnaps naughty kids (thieves) & gives them a good switching. He leaves behind a lump of coal. All the naughty kids are hung(in baskets) from the highest tree, where he is suppose to eat them on the Winter Solstice. I don't want to give anymore away... watch it.


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