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Paper: Who in hell is Krampus by SIN_JONES:

It's that time of year!

For fun, download your very own Krampus Paper Toys!!!

(see files at the bottom of the topic)

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I'm presently re-reading Krampus: The Yule Lord, by Brom, and plan on going to see the movie, Krampus, this coming Tuesday.

Thanks for the link. Good read so far?
Yes, I'm definitely going to see it.
Well of course you are hash! For giggles, right!

I can wait.  Arrrrg ima pirate.

As soon as I get my sealegs I will deliver my thesis on Krampus.

He needs a Thesis?  I just did a little background history HERE

I spent some time walking around today and happened upon a Christmas party for school children in the park. There were about a couple of hundred kids in attendance with parents in tow. They had hundreds of gifts to hand out to the kiddies and the usual inflatable bounce houses and slides.

What caught my attention is that they were doing a Christmas program for the kids that included a guy dressed up like a Christmas demon. It reminded me of the Krampus discussion here on Pagan Space. Mexico always seems to find a place for a devil or demon in their festivities.

Lady Krampus <-- See what I find when I browse web comic artists..

HA, damn feminists.


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