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Just went to see if I saw any news Caught my Eye. ANd being as I am. Seeing Ouija Board caught my eyes real quick. The child claim the board said to kill someone. What would you charge the adolence?

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Sounds like he's being a niave kid.

Blaming it on the Ouija board is just him shifting blame & not taking responsibility for his actions.

I would charge him as an adult with homicide and get him a psych. eval.

He should be charged as an adult, however, he was unsuccessful in his attempt. The best they can do is attempted homicide & assault.

I think the kid should go down for the crime, unless he sneezed when he was being told by the cardboard and plastic toy to kill his friend; then I think he should get a do over.

Unbelievable, yet it's all true.

Charge him with stupid and tell the defense to go phych plea.

If there were charges for stupid they'd need to build a lot more jails.


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