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This is to acknowledge your mail.

I tried to transfer the $1,258,000.00 into the account you send but the money could not penetrate because the account has an error. Check the account to correct the error. My subordinate and I at our bank the- Arab National Bank here in "Saudi Arabia" has resolved to transfer the money but due to the error on the account I could not get it transferred. I would advise you send another available account.

I have perfected a plan to activate the transfer of the money which is presently on deferred schedule in our system" within the next few days the money will be transferred once you correct the error on the account or send another account. Or should I send the money via certified cashier check to you through DHL. If that is the case then send me an address where the check will be deliver to. Please suggest.

With the above information, the whole exercise will take us approximately 72-hours to get it done.

Junita Mohammed

On Sat, Feb 15, 2018 at 9:08 AM V.N CO <------@----> wrote:


Thank you Arab National Bank.

The transfer was successful.

I have confirm the USD$962,000 inside my account. Please use this below account to send the balance USD$$1,258,000.00

Triodos Bank- N.V
Bic / Swift: fvlbnl22
Iban: nl88 fvlb 0699990300

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Account number: 784892849

Sorry for the inconvenience.


This is the rest.

Really???? Lol. Scammers.

True story; A guy I worked with in 2006 woke up, went to the ATM and found he had

received $30,000 while he slept. Went into the office and found out his social security #

was the same as a bank acct # in North Dakota.  

Yeah, the bank NEVER just says, "Oh, our bad, we'll eat the mistake."  Nope nope nopers.  They will request the money back and then their lawyers will request the money back and then they will sue you to get it back.

What was interesting was the person was honest and reported it and the

lady said they would of never found it, something about being interstate. Question how often does it occur?

They would have found it.  Banks always do audits.  Even interstate. SOMEone's books won't balance.

Normally yes, unless there is a saturation alarm where the network is above

85% usage. The last figure is that networks can handle a little over 10% usage.

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Attorney Boris Esq <>

‎Apr‎ ‎25 at ‎5‎:‎50‎ ‎AM

Tel/Fax +27810528588
I am Attorney Caleb Boris, an Attorney at Law In Republic of South
I have an urgent and very profitable business
proposition for you and me. Which I would like you to stand as the
appointed heir to my deceased client
Who made fixed deposit valued at US$16.5Million Dollars Only in a
commercial Bank in South Africa? He died in 2007 with
his family Members without any registered next of kin and the funds now
an open beneficiary mandate
My proposition to you is to seek your consent to present you as the Next
kin and beneficiary of my deceased client so that
the proceeds of this account valued at $16.5million can be paid to you,
we can share the amount on a mutually agreed
Percentage of 50% for me 50% for you.
All legal documents to back up your claim as the deceased Next of Kin
be provided by me. All I require is your honest
Cooperation to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee you
this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement
That will protect you from any breach of the law.
Upon the receipt of your reply we proceed.
Warmest Regards.
Barr. Caleb Boris Esq.

Here's what you're up against;
Countries such as South Africa and Nigeria since gaining their independence, have spawned criminal enterprises with the backing of corrupt communist "political parties" such as the African National Congress. S/A has become a corrupt kangaroo democracy, and the ANC has become basically the only surviving political party in South Africa.
These polical parties sanction corrupt micro enterprises such as these e mailscams, who have local businessmen and government officials behind it. These scams have been circulating for at least since 2007, and have been using these countries as a safe zone to operate.
Since gaining independence, and thus giving democracy a black eye by demonstrating how corrupt a democracy can actually become, never ending corruption scandals, and establishing safe zones for groups such as "Boko Haram" have become the norm.
The Washington Post, online tech editor, sent me a Greek Princess in distress scam as an example, 16 years ago.
The scam, out of Nigeria, was needing help getting $15 Million into the U.S. from a bank in Toronto. Ballsy people
fax the paper work to our family lawyers office. Mean while ch 5 out of Green Bay had a news article about the scam.


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