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I have been going through a very large spiritual awakening over the last year. It has been very hard but very rewarding as well.

I have very close friends who I have known for years but they do not know about my true spiritual self which is one of the most important parts of my life. I had a mask on for years. I then met my boyfriend who has allowed me to be myself completely and to take that mask off. I also have been meeting new people who are very accepting.

I cannot talk to my old friends about this life of mine (they are atheist and judgmental about others who are not). They know I am Pagan but that is the extent. I have tried talking a little bit about it. They don't say anything but I can tell that they think I am delusional or have my head in the clouds. I have lost most connection to them and can't have conversations with them the way I used to. I feel horrible because they don't know why I am pulling away and if I told them they would not understand at all and think I need mental help. 

Have any of you left close friends because of your spiritual path? Any stories, experience or advice?

Many thanks and blessed be

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No need for advice, your doing great. When I realized some people thought I was delusional, I just quit talking to them. The mind is a funny thing where delusions can become quite real.

Lost the closest friend that I had for 35 years when he found out that I was an active Witch, and part of a Coven.

This even though he was atheist and held no `higher creator` views whatsoever, the hype of films like the Wickerman, the Press onslaught of `Satanic cults`, the myth of the inevitable `Orgies` at Sabbats ( please let me know where and when I`m obviously missing out on this), the drop off was sudden, hurtful and unexpected.

14 years later, I get a call from his son, could I call his Dad as his  oldest son had just died of liver failure at 33, and he was in a state and as we were `brothers with other mothers`, he didnt think anyone else could get through to him?

Long story short, 2 years on , our friendships back almost as it used to be, I did help him through his grief,  he also asks questions without judgement now about what Witchcrafts all about, and we look forwards to annual shark fishing expeditions and more than a few nights where copious amounts of Cider are partaken of and glory days relived in our memories at least.

Those friends who were friends really, may one day  need you, give it time , live your life your way, if they return, they truly are friends, if not, well, they say a man makes enough friends in this life to count on the fingers of one hand, but many, many acquaintances that we dont have enough digits to record...

I'm sorry you're going through that it's never easy specially when it involves family. But you know what? you have to follow your heart. Do what makes you happy. Not everyone is going to agree with your choices and hey, that's okay. But with time, new people will come into your life, people who care and accept you for who you are. Keep doing your thing <3

Thank you all, this helps

If a friend is in truth a real friend they should have no problem with your path. One person's myth is another's religion. We should all be tolerant enough to live with that. If the separation between you and your friends is that dramatic I would question the friendship anyway. 
I have lost more friends over politics than I have over religion or spirituality. 

Honestly, no.

Mostly because I don't discuss religion except on boards such as this.

My friends, neighbors and family rarely, if ever, bring up religion to me so why would I bring it up to them?

I changed my faith from Christian to pagan years ago now, but didn't consider that news I needed to advertise.

So, no, I haven't lost any friends because of my path because my path is no one's business but my own.


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