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I have always wondered about this path (left hand path) i hear its all dark and "evil" but for some reason i feel drawn to curious of its originality. from what i have read on the internet is its dark magic,satanism,luciferianism question is how do i get started in it and whats the truth?

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I added quite a bit of information to a thread on 600 Club to get to the origins of the LHP in the East.

It would be redundant to post it here too, so it's easier just to link to those pages:




I highly recommend the books I cite.  Thing with Blavatsky, she got a lot wrong.  At best, she deserves credit for exposing the Western World to the concept, but she often takes much out of proper context.  You don't go to a Russian to learn Chinese.  Go to the source.  

It's a decent read if you want to grasp the debate, start on page 1 to the finish.  The links I provided are more or less the meat of the thing.

It's at least a jump off point.

thanks SIN i will look this up right away...maybe this is the path i was missing always had yurning to learn of it its constantly on my mind

any chance SIN JONES you know what this symbol is? ben having dreams of it but cant find anything on it


I was using a similar symbol back around 99/2000. It is essentially a western yin/yang type of symbol

oh wow ok, woulda never thought of it in that way, so it is a duality thing

Only $99.99? What a deal! I'm entering my credit card info as I type this......

John Allee is using this symbol to represent a symbiosis between RHP/LHP - more of a Hermetic symbol.  He explains it a bit in his book called 'Left and Right of Center'.

His Wife is a Witch, and he a Satanist.  Together, they've managed to co-mingle ideas and get on just fine as a married couple.

It's not necessarily a duality symbol, more 'As above, so Below' - Hermetic

I have a similar symbol on the back of my car, I used a custom-made compass star.

 So...a western yin/yang then...

If it's in any capacity related to the Ying/Yang (John may have updated his thought process on this, since he wrote that book - I can't be sure), it would be definitely 'Western', only in the sense of how Westerners understand Eastern concepts.

In Eastern thought the Yingyang is representative of Wuxing, the Five Phases.  Becoming, a continual cycle - much like Hermeticism.  Think: Dissolve/Coagula 

Yeah, the version of the symbol I used was interlaced like Celtic knotwork, representing a cycle...

 I have sort of automatically always been in a "hermetic" type of headspace.

Oh!  I know what you're talking about. I have that symbol embroidered on a canvas bag where I keep art supplies. It says 'Crafty Lady' on it. heh.

Did it look sort of like the Flower of Life?

It looked like the one Allee uses, only the 1 point up pent was silver, and the 2 point up pent was black, and they were interlaced like celtic knotwork


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